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B.RAMAN Ten Uighurs, three Hans and two Mongols working for the Ministry of Public Security in Xinjiang and six Uighur separatists were killed on the morning of April 23,2013, in an incident in the Selibya Township in the Bachu county, in the Kashgar area of China's Xinjiang province. The area of the incident is near Xinjiang's borders with Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. 2. The Information Office of the Xinjiang Government has projected the incident as a "severe,violent, terror incident" which has been brought under control. It has projected 15 of those killed as police officers and social workers helping the police in maintaining security. 3. In its announcement, the Information Office has given the following details of the incident: The  incident happened after three community workers  found several suspicious people and knives in a local house.They reported the details to their supervisor but were then restrained by suspected terrorists.When