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2013 Pakistan Elections and Balochistan: An Overview

CrisisBalochistan | May 7, 2013 | 2013 Pakistan Elections and Balochistan: An Overview By Jawwad Baloch In a nutshell, it seems unlikely that the elections will be conducted fairly in Balochistan due to the army's presence and the outcome could be no less than that of the 2008 elections, but a responsibility lies on the Baloch stakeholders to find a feasible solution to lessen the agony of the people. While taking part in elections will not guarantee any solution to the issues all at once, it can give a fair share of hope to the Baloch political parties and allow them to gain some breathing space for reorganizing themselves.Boycotting the elections risks paving the path for the army to install a dummy government like that of Aslam Raisani's and creating more opportunity for the likes of Shafeeq Mengal and Siraj Raisani to continue expanding their reign of terror across Balochistan. As the 2013 general elections fast approach in Pakistan, the security situation all across the

Beware the Syrian sucker punch

Those seeing the human tragedy unfolding in Syria with a heart full of hell, ready to jump in, stop the bloodshed, and deliver Bashar Al-Assad a knock-out punch might do well to recall a telling anecdote from journalist Dexter Filkins from his days in Iraq.   In 2003, with tensions running high, a car carrying Filkins got stuck in a hole. Luckily, just ahead he espied a "highway patrol," its six members wearing gleaming white shirts and leaning against a car parked beneath an underpass.   Filkins approached them for help. "Are you an American?" he quoted one officer as asking. "We're looking to kill an American." Another officer chimed in: "I hate the Americans. It's an occupation."  Weren't they being paid by American dollars? "No, it's our oil that is paying," said an officer. In his splendid book, The Forever War, Filkins related similar incidents. Former Assistant Secretary of Defense Bing West, who was also a Ma


  B.RAMAN   According to the Xinhua news agency, the Xinjiang authorities have arrested 11 more suspected terrorists in connection with the investigation of a violent incident on April 23,2013, in a town in Kashgar'sBachu county, 1200 kms south-west of Urumqi, in which 21 persons allegedly  belonging to different communities were killed. 2. Since the clash, 19 arrests have been made by the police from the Kashgar Prefecture, the Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture of Bayingolin and  Urumqi. 3. The Xinjiang Police have blamed the clash on a new terrorist group headed by one QasimMuhammat, which, according to them, was founded in September 2012. 4. The Police have alleged that since  early December 2012, the members of this groupused to   gather at the house of oneMuhanmetemin Barat,  to undergo training with the help of video clips. 5. The Police further alleged that in March, they fabricated explosive devices and tested them.The clash occurred wh