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Turkey's Violent Protests in Context

STRATFOR Analysis  Summary The rapid escalation of anti-government protests in Turkey in recent days has exposed a number of long-dormant fault lines in the country's complex political landscape. But even as the appeal of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's ruling Justice and Development Party (also known by its Turkish acronym, AKP) is beginning to erode, it will remain a powerful force in Turkish politics for some time to come, with its still-significant base of support throughout the country and the lack of a credible political alternative in the next elections. Analysis The foundation for the current unrest was laid May 28, when a small group of mostly young environmentalists gathered in Istanbul's Taksim Square for a sit-in to protest a planned demolition of walls, uprooting of trees and the perceived desecration of historical sites in the square's Gezi Park. The initially peaceful demonstration turned violent the night of May 30, when police tried to break up

Venezuelan Government Moves Forward with Seeds Law

Venezuelan Government Moves Forward with Seeds Law, Movements Demand Anti-GMO Measures Jun 2nd 2013, by Sascha Bercovitch A banner at last week's Caracas anti-Monsanto protest (Aporrea tvi) Caracas, June 2nd 2013 ( – The Venezuelan government will continue its efforts to increase national food production and combat the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) through a new Law on Seeds, president of the Agri-Food Development Subcommittee for the National Assembly Alfredo Ureña announced on Friday. The law, designed as a reform to legislation from October 2002, aims to preserve Venezuelan biodiversity and contribute to food sovereignty. "There are a number of studies throughout the world which affirm that the health of humans and animals may be impacted when they consume genetically-modified foods," Ureña said during an interview with state-run television channel Venezolana de Televisión (VTV). "This is a Law on Seeds that is anti-GMOs,

Killer GM Seeds and Worldwide Protests

  Our current human era reeks of unabashed greed with inhuman actions, not in just illegal and destructive wars but in acts affecting health of future generations. Uncle Tom in White House whom Indians thought would be less like the ugly American ( because of coloring–he is but a product of Chicago Jewish political  machine ; ruthlessly controlled by criminal financiers mafia) goes merrily obeying programmed instructions of his financier masters and controllers ( Imagine he has a Peace Nobel –tarnished for ever) .   Let us not talk about US wars of aggression and greed but control of agriculture products which sustain human beings.   In Indian corporate print media or in the chaotic mad world of howling and shrieking and mud wrestling style anchors, almost no attention was given. A national channel means a girl media person and a man cameraman and all channels take the line of least work – chasing spot fixers or cheats, rapes and thefts. The same usual suspects are repeated daily. Fe