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Baloch leader meets James Dobbins--President Obama's Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan

Baloch leader meets James Dobbins--President Obama's Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan-- to draw his attention to the Balochistan's situation. July 16, 2013 WASHINGTON, D.C:  Dr. Wahid Baloch, President of Baloch Society of North America (BSO-NA), met with James Dobbins --President Obama's Special Representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan-- to draw his attention to the ongoing military operation, human right violations and enforced involuntary disappearances in Pakistani and Iranian occupied Balochistan. He met with the special envoy on the sideline of an event "Rethinking Civilian Stabilization and Reconstruction", organized by the premier US think tank the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), in Washington, D.C. The event was attended by many distinguished U.S. experts and scholars. Dr. Baloch gave him a letter on behalf of Baloch Society of North America, highlighting the grim situation in Balochistan and asked f

Shall We Take Satish Verma Seriously? This rainy season viral flu is facing a tough competition from conspiracy theories as far as going viral is concerned. Latest one making the news allegedly originates from IG SIT(CBI) Satish Verma's views on 26/11 and Indian Parliament Attack as expressed to RV Mani, a former Home Ministry official, during investigations into Ishrat Jahan case. RV Mani in his letter to various Media Houses has alleged that Satish Verma told him that attack on Indian Parliament and 26/11 Mumbai attacks were orchestrated by the Indian Government to find excuse of enacting anti-terror laws like Prevention of Terrorism Act(POTA) and Unlawful Activities Prevention Act, respectively. Yes, you got Mr. Satish Verma right. According to his "analysis" NDA government got Parliament attacked to enact POTA (as if terrorism in India prior to that was not enough to support an anti-terror law) and then UPA governm

BALOCHISTAN: Munir Mengal With Bruna Molina at UNO, Bolan Times

An Insight on Balochistan Issue, Munir Mengal is discussing the issue of Baloch Missing Persons Issue, Tortures, Killings, Summary Executions, and Human Rights abuses by the Pakistani State Forces in Balochistan. The Dragon has joined hand with the Fanatic Pakistan state for Strategic Designs for developing Naval bases at Gawadar and Pasni, planned to loot the resources of the Balochistan on the name of Mega Projects. China and Pakistan are now looking to extract Urinium from Balochistan. Watch the Video by clicking the following Button

THE ISHRAT CONSPIRACY: Narendra Modi stands in the way of a sell-out on J & K.

Narendra Modi stands in the way of a sell-out on J & K. By Gautam Sen (10 July 2013) London: It appears that the attempt to manipulate Lashkar-e-Toiba operative Ishrat Jehan's death to persuade Narendra Modi to withdraw from India's prime-ministerial race has more sinister roots than immediately apprehended. An insider with intimate knowledge of Anglo-American policy towards India suggested that a virtual resolution of the historic Kashmir issue has already been negotiated discreetly through the intercession of Washington. It seems an understanding has been reached with Manmohan Singh's government that major Indian concessions would be on the table. Apparently, this entire package would be in jeopardy if Narendra Modi were to become prime minister of India.  Pakistan, whose rapid acquisition of nuclear weapons' capability is considered an urgent problem, including its known proliferation act

Snowden information can cause USA ‘worst damage in history’ and even to others.   Washington's  NASA project to monitor and store all email, telephone and other cyber exchanges all over the world including at home in USA has turned out to be like the escaped genii gone rogue . Moscow, China and others and those with whom Snowden has shared or stored this massive and top secret information has Washington wriggling like a fish caught in the hook.   It is a bit like President Nixon recording all his Oval room conversations, which led to his ignominious fall and resignation.   How about the secret exchanges between US govt and its departments and bully corporations being leaked out to the world and exposing US aggressive military plans, also including its weaknesses, both of the govt and its corporations.   But do not expect Moscow or Beijing to do that .They will utilize the info for their national benefit and not for the good of the humanity .Perhaps Havana or Caracas might re