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In Telangana Decision, a Microcosm of India's Geopolitical Challenge Summary India is set to inaugurate its 29th state: Telangana will be carved out of the existing southern state of Andhra Pradesh after the highest working body of India's ruling Congress Party decided late July 30 to find the legal means to create the new entity. The success of the Telangana movement for statehood encapsulates the deep-rooted struggles New Delhi faces in trying to preserve and manage a nation riven with internal complexities. Analysis Now that the Congress Party and its allies in the United Progressive Alliance coalition, as well as the main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party, have endorsed Telangana statehood, the proposal will move to the Andhra Pradesh state assembly, which will be called upon to sort out water and energy distribution as well as pending political issues before the new state can be approved by a simple majority vote in the national parliament. Some

Media madness: What BJP and Modi should learn from Mamata by Akshaya Mishra 24 mins ago   The Congress is losing the 2014 parliamentary elections, but the BJP is not winning it. This is the message from the poll surveys conducted recently by different media groups. As the surveys indicate, the presence of Narendra Modi, the BJP’s great white hope, is not likely to cause a dramatic change to the prospects of the party. Frankly, this is not how things were supposed to be. With all that buzz around Modi, the media’s tacit support, a Congress groaning under the weight of anti-incumbency and with no new political front in sight, the BJP was expected to have a cakewalk – well, by cakewalk we don’t mean 272 seats; we mean a realistic 190 seats which would open possibilities for it to find allies. Surely, the party is getting things wrong somewhere. And it has only partly to do with the over-dependence on a single person’s supposed charisma

Akhilesh and Durga

Narendra Modi's open letter to AP on Telangana

Dear Brothers and Sisters from all regions of Andhra Pradesh, Namaskaram! I am looking forward to interacting with all of you on 11th August at the Nava Bharath Yuva Bheri Public Rally in Hyderabad. During the public meeting at Hyderabad, I was hoping to share my thoughts on the issue of statehood for Telangana as well as on all of your concerns on a roadmap for all the regions of Andhra Pradesh. However, in the wake of the sequence of events, the Congress Party has done in the last few days what it shied away from doing in the last 9 years- to work overtime on a decision over Telangana. It is an undisputable fact that Congress Party has neither been consistent nor transparent in its conduct over the creation of a Telangana state. Thus, a Party and a Government that has betrayed the people on the issue of Telangana time and again can hardly be trusted on this issue this time around. It is equally true that the BJP has been forthcoming and transparent in its support for stat

The PC16: Identifying China's Successors

Geopolitical Weekly TUESDAY, JULY 30, 2013 - 04:02 Stratfor By George Friedman Editor's Note: For more information on purchasing the full PC16 report, which assesses each member of the grouping, and for details on custom briefings and analysis for your organization, please click here. China has become a metaphor. It represents a certain phase of economic development, which is driven by low wages, foreign appetite for investment and a chaotic and disorderly development, magnificent in scale but deeply flawed in many ways. Its magnificence spawned the flaws, and the flaws helped create the magnificence. The arcs along which nations rise and fall vary in length and slope. China's has been long, as far as these things go, lasting for more than 30 years. The country will continue to exist and perhaps prosper, but this era of Chinese development -- pyramiding on low wages to conquer global markets -- is ending simply because there are now other nations with even lower wage

Is the U.S. Ramping Up a Secret War in Somalia?

BY COLUM LYNCH | JULY 22, 2013 The Obama administration earlier this year expanded its secret war in Somalia, stepping up assistance for federal and regional Somali intelligence agencies that are allied against the country's Islamist insurgency. It's a move that's not only violating the terms of an international arms embargo, according to U.N. investigators. The escalation also could be a signal that Washington's signature victory against al-Qaeda's most powerful African ally may be in danger of unraveling. Just last year, Obama's team was touting Somalia as unqualified success. "Somalia is a good news story for the region, for the international community, but most especially for the people of Somalia itself," Johnnie Carson, the U.S. assistant secretary of state for African affairs, told reporters last October at the New York Foreign Press Center. Carson praised African forces, principally Uganda and Kenya, for driving the terror group al-Shaba

Gwadar: Gunmen storm Coast Guards check post

Bloodshed in Gwadar: Gunmen storm Coast Guards check post By Mohammad ZafarPublished: July 28, 2013 QUETTA: Gunmen attacked a Pakistan Coast Guards check post in Gwadar district Saturday morning, killing seven officials and wounding as many others. Two of the wounded officials are said to be missing after the assault.Balochistan has increasingly become a flashpoint for both sectarian violence and  Baloch insurgency which has steadily become deadlier since the 2006 killing of Jamhoori Watan Party chief Nawab Akbar Bugti in a military operation in Kohlu district. Saturday’s incident happened in the Sund Sar area, some 125 kilometres from Quetta city and close to the Pakistan-Iran border, according to Balochistan Levies sources and local administration officials. “Around 24 gunmen, armed with rocket launchers and heavy weapons, attacked the Kalki check post and killed seven Coast Gua