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Balochistan: The New Regional Tinderbox? – Analysis

By Monish Gulati THE PINK COLOR REPRESENTS THE BALOCH ETHNIC GROUP (1980) November 13, 2013 On 25 October 2013, the Iranian State News Agency reported that fourteen Iranian border guards were killed and five wounded in clashes with “armed bandits” near Saravan on Iran’s southeastern border with Pakistan. There were also reports of three (to six) soldiers of having been taken hostage and moved across the border into Pakistan. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has since called for an investigation into the incident.1 The Balochistan region (with areas falling in Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan) has for long been associated with instability and armed conflict. On the other hand, events of regional and global significance involving Iran have been unfolding in the Middle East and on the global stage. It is argued that disturbances in Balochistan which are being influenced by events outside Iran can have a significant impact on the strategic environment in South Asia. Sistan-Baluch

Arming the Elephant

Posted on November 11, 2013 BRAHMA CHELLANEY A column internationally syndicated by Project Syndicate The rise in US arms sales to India is being widely cited as evidence of the two countries’ deepening defense relationship. But the long-term sustainability of the relationship, in which India is more a client than a partner, remains a deep concern for Indians. Does the recently issued Joint Declaration on Defense Cooperation, which establishes intent to move beyond weapons sales to the co-production of military hardware,mark a turning point, or is it merely a contrivance to placate India? The factors driving the strategic relationship’s development are obvious. Since 2006, bilateral trade has quadrupled, reaching roughly $100 billion this year. And, over the last decade, US defense exports to India have skyrocketed from just $100 million to billions of dollars annually. With US military spending slowing and other export m

China: The Next Phase of Reform

Summary The commitment and ability of China's leaders to follow through on new policies and to meet rising expectations will be tested as they strive to balance competing social, economic, political and security challenges. Three decades ago, China embarked on a new path, creating a framework that encouraged the country's rapid economic rise. The successes of those policies have transformed China, and the country's leadership now faces another set of strategic choices to address China's new economic and international position. The much-anticipated Third Plenary Session of the 18th Communist Party of China Central Committee concluded Nov. 12 after four days of closed-door deliberations among top political elites. The full document containing the policy proposals will not be released for days or even a week, but the initial information suggests China's leaders are seeking more significant changes in their policies to try to stay ahead of the challenges the count

AAP’s hoardings being damaged across Delhi

Auto-rickshaw drivers supporting AAP are being harassed New Delhi: Unable to find place in hearts of citizen of Delhi, who are looking at Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) as their hope for cleansing of politics, political rivals are resorting to cheaper tactics as they are damaging AAP’s hoardings and posters across the city. There also seems to be a campaign against auto-rickshaws, which have AAP’s posters, as they are being harassed regularly by authorities – mainly Delhi Police. For Delhi Assembly elections, AAP got hoardings at over 200 public utilities across Delhi. All this has been done legally after securing all permissions. However, we have found that at more than 50% of those sites, the hoardings have been either torn off or are damaged. Similar hoardings, posters or publicity materials at many such places of other political parties at many similar locations are, however, intact. Similarly, we have all legal permissions for AAP’s poster to be pasted behind auto-rickshaws. Bu

AAP ready for any probe into its funds but are Congress and other political parties ready for same?

New Delhi: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) stands for honesty and clean politics and thus we are ready for any kind of probe into our funds. We instead welcome any kind of impartial inquiry. But the question that AAP asks is that whether any other political party can claim similar transparency? When AAP was formed, we announced it clearly that we are coming not to do politics but to change the dirty politics. We feel there cannot be anything better for political system in India than investigation into sources of political funding. Because of this, AAP welcomes union home minister’s statement regarding prove into AAP funds. We feel that alongwith AAP, there should be a probe into funds of all political parties of the country and if corruption is found in any of them than their leaders should be sent to jail. Inquiry into funding of political parties should start from AAP and we have no problem with it. However, if the union home minister doesn’t order inquiry into funding of all politi