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Showing posts from March 2, 2014

Washington smells the saffron Never give up hope until the body is buried. Relations between India and America have slipped into a coma, but there is a long way to the graveyard.   President Obama’s Asian priorities do not include India. The news item flickered warily somewhere in the middle of NBC's morning bulletin on Friday the 28th of February, almost as if the editors were wary of including it. A dead man had come alive. A major channel such as NBC would not have used "dead" without checking, or "alive" without confirmation. Mourners were taking the corpse to its destination when it began to kick within the coffin. The anchors, who looked as astonished as the mourners must have, described it as a miracle, and then quickly moved on to the comfort zone of the weather: icy winds in minus-zero temperatures under blue, sunlit skies. No miracle has been hailed with such embarrassment. But there is a moral to this story.