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USN confirms presence of Chinese spy ship off Guam   25 September 2014      A People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) Type 815 (Dongdiao)-class auxiliary general intelligence (AGI) vessel was detected in waters off Guam where a US military exercise was ongoing, a US Navy (USN) spokesperson confirmed to IHS Jane's on 22 September. "I can confirm the presence of a Chinese AGI surveillance ship in the US Economic Exclusion Zone [EEZ] near Guam," Commander Steven Curry, a spokesman for US Pacific Fleet, told IHS Jane's . "The ship is not disrupting our 'Valiant Shield' exercise and is adhering to well-established international rules that military operations in international commons and outside of territorial waters and airspace is a fundamental right of all nations." The vessel was detected as a number of US military assets participated in 'Valiant Shield', a biennial exercise that began on 15 September involvi

Indian-Americans keen to watch Narendra Modi's address at Madison Square Garden

By PTI | 26 Sep, 2014, 12.52PM IST READ MORE ON » Narendra Modi | Madison Square Garden |   NEW YORK: The Indian diaspora in the US is willing to go to any extent to watch Prime Minister Narendra Modi's address at Madison Square Garden here on Sunday with several people who were denied the most sought after ticket now willing to be volunteers.  "I was not there at the time of Swami Vivekananda. I did not see Sardar Patel. I do not want to miss the chance of seeing or watching live the greatest leaders of India of our times," Palak Jain, an Atlanta-based software engineer who is among the thousands of Indian Americans who failed to get the ticket, said.  "I wish, I get a glimpse of the Prime Minister, or else, I would watch it at the Times Square," said Jain who left India as a student some 15 years ago.  The Indo-American Community Federation (IACF) which is organising the event said that every day it is receiving hundreds of emails, letters and phone calls from

PM's clarion call to join the Swachh Bharat Mission

Dear Friends, I am sure you have heard time and again that cleanlines is next to Godlines. Alas, things are often diferent when it comes to puting this into practice.  On 2nd October we are launching Swach Bharat Mision, a masive mas movement, that seeks to create a Clean India. Cleanliness was very close to Mahatma Gandhi's heart. A clean India is the best tribute we can pay to Bapu when we celebrate his 150th birth anniversary in 2019. Mahatma Gandhi devoted his life so that India atains 'Swarajya'. Now the time has come to devote ourselves towards  'Swachchata' (cleanlines) of our motherland. I urge every one of you to devote at least hundred hours every year, that is two hours every wek towards cleanlines. We can't let India remain unclean any longer. On 2nd October I myself wil set out with a brom and contribute towards this pious task.  Today, I apeal to everyone, particularly politcal and religious leadership, mayors, sarpanchs and captains of industry t

The Islamic State and Obama’s Diabolical “Hidden Agenda”: Iraq, Syria and “Superpower Prerogatives”

By Jack A. Smith      There is a pronounced deceptive aura to the Obama Administration's disclosures about the new U.S. war in Iraq and Syria against the Islamic State (IS). The White House even says it is not a war but a simple counter-terrorism strategy, as in Yemen. This is intended to mislead Americans and to generate substantial support for the long war to come. Every U.S military intervention in Muslim countries since the late 1970s has eventually resulted in "unintended" negative consequences, both for Washington and the target country. There is no reason to think that President Obama's latest Middle East military adventure will turn out differently — perhaps even worse because his objectives go far beyond what has been publicly announced. In his speech to the nation on Sept. 10 Obama said the purpose of the mission was to "degrade and ultimately destroy" the Islamic State. He revealed, "I will not hesitate to take action against ISIL (IS) in Syr

Analysis: Expectations for deployment of fifth-generation fighters Edward Hunt, IHS Senior Defence Consultant 23 September 2014     The entry into service of the US F-22 Raptor in 2005 marked the unofficial arrival of the era of the fifth-generation fighter. In the coming years, as the American F-35 Lightning II and foreign competitors such as the Sukhoi T-50 and Chengdu J-20 enter the market, the fifth-generation fighter will become an important element of the global fighter market. With revolutionary advancements such as reduction of radar and infrared visibility and supersonic cruise capability, fifth-generation combat aircraft will provide an impressive boost to any nation's air force. However, according to analysis by IHS, the development and deployment of fifth-generation fighters is accompanied by various costs. Between the significant procurement price and the particular set of missions for which such aircraft are suited, nations with limit

PLA sub's Sri Lanka visit suggests China projecting power into Indian Ocean

A Song-class submarine. (Internet photo) Staff Reporter 2014-09-25 09:13 (GMT+8) The Changzheng 2, a Type 091 Han-class nuclear-powered submarine has become the first Chinese submarine to visit Colombo Harbor in Sri Lanka according to the website of state-run Sri Lanka News on Sept. 15. The Chinese submarine arrived at Colombo Harbor one day before Chinese president Xi Jinping began his visit to the country on Sept. 16. In addition to the Changzheng 2, there were two other People's Liberation Army Navy warships in the harbour. The Changzheng 2 is currently under the command of the PLA Navy's North Sea Fleet. Equipped with C-801 anti-ship missiles, it is capable of attacking targets 80 kilometers away. Duowei News, a media outlet operated by overseas Chinese, cited photos published by the Sri Lankan state news organization, suggesting that the Changzheng 2 is no longer in the servic

The geopolitical context of India-US ties

By Kamna Arora | Last Updated: Tuesday, September 23, 2014 - 19:02 From Jawaharlal Nehru’s visit in 1949 to Narendra Modi’s upcoming trip in September 2014, a number of leaders of the world’s largest democracy have been hosted by the world’s oldest democracy. In fact, a momentous political alteration in international relations in recent years is the evolvement of engagement between India and the United States of America. However, the relation shared by the two has been both intriguing as well as complex, marked by different sources of conflict. In the words of Dennis Kux, a retired US Foreign Service officer, India and the US are “estranged democracies”. Former US secretary of state Madeleine K Albright, in 2000, had cited a former Indian Ambassador to the US as saying that Indo-US ties exhibited "a pattern of misunderstanding, miscalculations, and missed opportunities”. Henry Kissing

Xi’s visit and the boundary issues

R. S. Kalha September 24, 2014 Whenever a high level visit takes place between India and China expectations are raised that with a Midas like touch the two leaders would resolve the boundary question and that the two billion plus people of India and China would together shape a new Asia. Such hyperbole remains constant, since few are aware of what Chinese policies actually are. President Xi Jinping reportedly issued a five point directive at the conclusion of a high level Work Forum in October 2013 on China’s policies towards peripheral countries; that while enhancing political ‘goodwill’ and deepening economic integration with them, the peripheral countries would have to respect China’s ‘core’ interests and ‘validate’ China’s efforts to enforce sovereignty and territorial claims.1. If this is indeed the theoretical line that President Xi is pursuing, then there is little chance of any forward moveme

A primer on the Indian Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Act, 2010 G. Balachandran September 23, 2014 During Prime Minister Modi’s forthcoming visit to US, one of the topics that is likely to be high on the agenda will be the still incomplete US-India nuclear cooperation by way of sales of nuclear reactors to India because of the Indian Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Act, 2010 (CLNDA). However, the provisions of the CLNDA have stalled not only sales of nuclear reactors from US to India but from other major nuclear suppliers – Russia and France – as well. Even though the NSG exemption for nuclear commerce was granted more than six years ago, and India had signed the nuclear cooperation agreements with these countries nearly six years ago, it has not been able to finalise even a single commercial contract for the import of a reactors from any of these countries. The only nuclear cooperation that India has been able to conclude with any of the countries with whom