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India & US: Shaping the 21st century

September 26, 2014 By Manish Chand  images/in__1.jpg(Prime Minister embarks on his five-day visit to USA, on September 25, 2014)Fast-track diplomacy and smart development-centric diplomacy are the twin mantra of the new government in Delhi. Starting from hosting the leaders of South Asian neighbours to engaging key Asian partners, China and Japan, India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi is now headed for the US on a defining trip that is set to infuse "the defining partnership of the 21st century" with a new burst of energy and vitality. Spectacle, colour, high diplomacy, culture, commerce and creativity – all these varied elements are going to be fused into Prime Minister Modi's maiden voyage to America (Sept 26-30), which is poised to be a blockbuster diplomatic event. New Horizons  There are several firsts to this prime ministerial trip: This will be not only the first visit of Narendra Modi as the Prime minister of India, but it will also be his first meeting with US

Vision Statement for the U.S.-India Strategic Partnership-'Chalein Saath Saath: Forward Together We Go'

September 29, 2014 Chalein Saath Saath, forward together we go. As leaders of two great democratic nations with diverse traditions and faiths, we share a vision for a partnership in which the United States and India work together, not just for the benefit of both our nations, but for the benefit of the world.   We have vastly different histories, but both our founders sought to guarantee freedoms that allow our citizens to determine their own destiny and pursue their personal aspirations. Our strategic partnership rests on our shared mission to provide equal opportunity for our people through democracy and freedom.   The currents of kinship and commerce, scholarship and science tie our countries together. They allow us to rise above differences by maintaining the long-term perspective. Every day, in myriad ways, our cooperation fortifies a relationship that matches the innumerable ties between our peoples, who have produced works of art and music, invented cutting-edge technology, and

Joint Statement during the visit of Prime Minister to USA

September 30, 2014 The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and the President of the United States of America Barack Obama met this morning. Marking their first bilateral summit, the President recognized the Prime Minister's historic election victory in the largest democratic election ever held. The two leaders extolled the broad strategic and globalpartnership between the United States and India, which will continue to generategreater prosperity and security for their citizens and the world. Prime Minister Modi emphasized the priority India accords to its partnership with the United States, a principal partner in the realization of India's rise as a responsible, influential world power. Given the shared values, people-to-people ties, and pluralistic traditions, President Obama recognized that India's rise as a friend and partner is in the United States' interest. Theyendorsed the first "Vision Statement for the Strategic Partnership" as a guide to strengthen

India, US special forces train together in Uttarakhand

IANS | Sep 30, 2014, 08.25 AM IST      NEW DELHI: An India-US military exercise, underway in Uttarakhand, has seen combined training between detachments of both armies' special forces as well as given a platform for both sides to share their experiences in UN-mandated counter-insurgency/counter-terrorism missions, a defence ministry release said on Monday.  "Yudh Abhyas 2014" brought together troops of a mountain brigade of Indian Army and a company and brigade headquarter of the US Army.  "The India-US combined military training exercise Yudh Abhyas 2014, which commenced September 17 at Ranikhet and Chaubattia, is in progress. The exercise will terminate Sep 30," said the release.  The exercise was tenth in Yudh Abhyas series, which started in 2004 under US Army Pacific partnership programme.  "The exercise strengthens and broadens interoperability and cooperation between both the armies and complements a number of other exchanges between the two forces,&q

India-US ties needs fresh set of drivers to renew partnership

Shyam Saran September 29, 2014First Published: 00:20 IST(29/9/2014) Last Updated: 02:08 IST(29/9/2014) Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to the US has created a surge of expectations about the likely trajectory of India-US relations.  There is a danger that this may defer a more objective reckoning of the realistic possibilities of expanding relations, recognising the considerable distance that has come to exist in the perspectives of our two countries on critical regional and global issues.  While we share democratic values, political affinity has rarely transcended different approaches rooted in how the two countries perceive their national interests in any given context.  India-US relations saw an ascendant phase in the first five or six years of the current millennium. This had unmistakable drivers. India had become a nuclear weapons S

Lens on Modi

Modi arrives in Washington preceded by his reputation as chief minister of Gujarat.  Written by Frederic Grare | Posted: September 29, 2014 12:52 am Narendra Modi's visit to the American capital has created high expectations. Despite the hope generated by the successful conclusion of the US-India civilian nuclear deal in 2008, India and the United States slowly drifted apart in the years that followed. The visit of the new Indian prime minister is, therefore, expected to mark the beginning of a revival of the US-India relationship. Policy wishlists and suggestions of ways to reset relations between the two countries are, accordingly, the most widespread commodity around Washington think tanks these days. Modi arrives in Washington preceded by his reputation as chief minister of Gujarat. During his tenure, he proved to be a remarkable manager, bringing economic success to the state and earning a reputation as a strong

PM Narendra Modi's Address at UN General Assembly: Text Mining Score

TerMine is a Term Management System which identifies key phrases in text Text mining score of Modi's UNGA speech Rank Term Score 1 united nation 5 2 genuine international partnership 3.169925 2 concerted international effort 3.169925 4 west asia 3 4 development agenda 3 6 cyber space 2 6 massive flood relief operation 2 6 historic moment 2 6 philosophical tradition 2 6 united nation general assembly 2 6 united nation security council 2 6 sustainable world 2 13 direct international action 1.584962 13 asia pacific region 1.584962 13 pakistan occupied kashmir 1.584962 13 universal global disarmament 1.584962 13 international yoga day 1.584962 13 inclusive global development 1.584962 13 global economic storm 1.584962 20 sum game 1 20 destabilizing threat 1 20 basic sanitation 1 20 integral part 1 20 continued action 1 20 al country 1 20 prime minister 1 20 interdependent world 1 20 latin america 1 20 genuine dialogue 1 20 north africa 1 20 narendra modi 1 20 health crisis 1 20 comprehe

ick-Starting the U.S.-Indian Strategic Partnership

Ashley J. Tellis Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's forthcoming visit to Washington will provide India and the United States with a golden opportunity to repair their faltering partnership. The stakes are high, even if the circumstances today are not particularly propitious. The United States is consumed by managing disorder in Eurasia, the Middle East, and East Asia. India is marginal to resolving these crises, even though it could be far more significant if it chose to. On issues closer to home—Pakistan and Afghanistan—India is rightly fearful about U.S. policies, and on critical initiatives farther afield—the U.S. rebalance to Asia—India is understandably ambivalent. Further complicating matters, bilateral relations have deteriorated in recent years because of poor policy choices in India on nuclear liability, taxation, and trade. More importantly, India's recent political paralysis and crumbling economic growth have suppressed the opportunities for more robust commercial