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BNM Conference in Berlin

41st Anniversary of Dr Subramanian SWAMY's dramatic appearance in Rajya Sabha

Today is 41st Anniversary of Dr Subramanian SWAMY's dramatic appearance in Rajya Sabha on 10th Aug 1976 inspite of arrest warrant during Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi suppression Human Rights, Dr Swamy opposed The Emergency (1975-77) and worked in India & abroad to propagate democratic values and resistance against Autocratic Indira Gandhi rule which ultimately led to Janata Party Govt formation under PM Morarji Desai in March 1977

What Does Victory Look Like in Afghanistan? What Does Victory Look Like in Afghanistan? Adam Wunische     August 9, 2017 More U.S. troops are likely headed back to Afghanistan soon, while the Trump Administration is also now considering withdrawal. Before either option––or anything in between––is considered, the U.S. needs to decide what version of victory it wants before it can decide on a strategy. One of the most shocking statements I’ve heard on Afghanistan in sometime was that the official U.S. policy is to force the Taliban into a negotiated settlement. This statement came from a highly respected scholar of U.S. foreign policy and military strategy. I wondered what veterans like myself should think of such a policy. Almost 17 years of fighting, over 2,000 killed, and countless others wounded or otherwise affected, and our strategy is now to accept peace with the Taliban and see them holding legislative seats in Kabul and contr

Newsmaker: Meera Baloch

Meera Baloch, 23  who gave interview to media, condemning Pakistan at Hind Baloch Forum organised  Rakshabandan event. She is one of the few Baloch women who tied Rakhis to Indian brothers.

How Pakistan recruits for the Taliban

Note: This article is based on sources on-the-ground in Pakistan. There are embedded images associated with the article which may not survive email transport, but can be seen by clicking the link In addition, a Reuters article today, cited in the text, confirms the Pakistani terror network about which I have written in a number of previous articles, also cited in the text.. How Pakistan recruits for the Taliban by  LAWRENCE SELLIN, PHD  August 7, 2017 In Panjgur, Balochistan, there are three mosques and madrasas that produce Jihadis for Pakistan's proxy wars. According to local sources, the leader of the whole Jihadi network in Panjgur is Abdul Hai, who recruits Balochi young men to fight in Afghanistan via the Madrasa Khair ul Madaris Mahmoudia in the Sordo-Sarikoran area of Panjgur (GPS coordinates 26.976668  64.140607). At least three of his recruits were reportedly

China is wrong on Sikkim-Tibet boundary

The Chinese claim that the Sikkim-Tibet border is already settled is disingenuous Srinath Raghavan Source: Livemint, India The Doklam standoff at the trijunction of India, China and Bhutan was triggered after Chinese troops attempted to construct a road in the region. Photo: AFP The standoff between Chinese and Indian troops in the Doklam area, at the tri-junction with Bhutan, is accompanied by competing narratives: attempts to clarify, justify or rationalize their positions. These are aimed at multiple audiences, especially third countries that know little about the details of the problem. The Chinese have been far more active with a series of official statements, which have been getting progressively tougher towards India. The nub of the Chinese position, set out at length in their latest statement, is that Indian troops have crossed a settled international boundary and entered Chinese territory. This needs some historical perspective. Is the Doklam area assuredly Chinese terr

Marketing to Extremists: Waging War in Cyberspace

04/08/2017   Andrew Byers   Social Media This article was  originally published  by the  Small Wars Journal  on 9 July 2017. Online, the Islamic State is a technologically savvy, sophisticated, and nimble organization that learns from its mistakes and from the actions of the Western intelligence services and NGOs that have sought to counter it. It is no secret that past and current efforts to reach potential terrorists before they can become radicalized and committed to a path of jihad and terrorism have proved inadequate. To use the language of online marketers, countering ISIS’s online activities will require quality content disseminated on a massive scale, with careful product placement. Placing counter-messaging products into platforms and forums that extremists frequent will increase the chances of potential terrorist recruits coming into contact with narratives outside of ISIS’ control. ISIS’s cyber efforts have paid off; the FBI told Congress in July 2016 that “the message

Hind Baloch Forum : Raksha Bandan celebration