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Finland at "elevated" threat level after Barcelona attack k Finland's Security Intelligence Service (Supo) says the agency has not received any indication which would lead them to believe that Thursday's terror attacks in Spain had any links to individuals in Finland. The agency also says it has not raised Finland's threat assessment level following the attacks. File photo of crowds alongside the Aura River in Turku during July's Tall Ships Races. Image: Kalle Mäkelä / Yle Following the terror attacks in Spain on Thursday, the security service Supo said on Friday that Finland's threat assessment level remains at level two, meaning that according to the agency there continues to be an "elevated" risk of a terror attack in the country. The security agency uses a four-tiered terror threat level assessment scale: 1. Low 2. Elevated 3. High 4. Severe Pekka Hiltunen, a research specialist at Supo, says the agenc

Number of deals by Chinese companies targeting the Belt and Road countries are 109 The number of deals by Chinese companies targeting the Belt and Road countries are 109 this year. The Dollar Business Bureau Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) by Chinese firms in nations which are part of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) are rising, even as the Government cracks down on acquisitive conglomerates of China to limit capital outflows. The acquisitions by Chinese firms in 68 countries that are officially linked to the foreign policy of President Xi Jinping totaled around $33 billion till August 14, exceeding the $31 billion total count for the entire 2016, as per the data by Reuters.  The BRI project, unveiled in 2013, is aimed at creating a modern-day ‘Silk Road’, which connect China by sea and land to Pakistan, Southeast Asia and Central Asia, and further to the Europe, Africa and Middle East. President Xi has pledged around $124 billion for the ini

Spiral into chaos Muhammad Akbar Notezai August 16, 2017 1 he writer is a member of staff. HISTORICALLY speaking, Balochistan in general and the Baloch community in particular are secular. Even in traditional Baloch society, the mullah is not a revered figure. Instead, he is merely a functional figure. But this is now changing. There are two dominant forces in the province: the state and the Baloch. The perennial conflict between these two has had dire consequences. Extremism is one of them. During the Afghan war, money was pumped into Balochistan, especially central Baloc­histan, which led to a breakdown of the social fabric. Before, the Baloch were not aware of differences between Shia and Sunni. Today, they are divided on the basis of sect and creed. Wahabism was alien to Balochistan but, largely through preaching activities, it is influencing increasing numbers of people, especially the youth. While the seeds of extremism in Balochistan were sown during Gen Zi

Every Indian Needs To Fight Hybrid Warfare Waged By Pakistan And China    EVERY INDIAN NEEDS TO FIGHT HYBRID WARFARE WAGED BY PAKISTAN AND CHINA Raja Rapper, a Pakistani civilian funded and promoted by Pakistan Army to inspire, incite and provoke Kashmiri youth for stone pelting Shailesh Kumar, National Defence New Delhi, 14 August 2017 Independence Day Special  “Hamein Chahiye Azadi… Afzal Ne Bola Azadi… Bandook Ke Dum Par Azadi”, like slogans in Kashmir; “Chor Di Kitabe, Baste Hang on Back, Ab Aa Gayee Teri Baari India Move Your Track”, rapper songs by like  Raja Rapstar ; “ O Kudaya , lauta de Kashmir Dobara “, an Indian film song sung by a Pakistani girl at a function attended by the Prime Minister of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, going viral on YouTube looks just ordinary feats… characters look civilian, innocent, emotional; but all of them are warriors; waging a war- war against India. Surprised! No infiltration, No bullets fired, No bloodshed, still a pot

Best picture of the day

Best picture of the day . The Spirit of India. Mizanur Rehman, Principal, Primary School, Nosara, Dhubri Dt. Assam.

Friendship with China the cornerstone of Pakistan’s foreign policy: Ambassador Friendship with China the cornerstone of Pakistan’s foreign policy: Ambassador Masood Khalid, Pakistani ambassador to China Photo: Li Hao /GT Editor's Note : Monday marks Pakistan's 70th anniversary. And China and Pakistan have enjoyed a strong relationship for more than 65 of those years. Global Times ( GT ) reporter Wang Bozun spoke to the Pakistani Ambassador to China, Masood  Khalid , ahead of the celebration to discuss the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and bilateral relations. GT : Security issues have always been considered major challenges to implementing the CPEC. What security measures have the Pakistani government taken?  Khalid : Roughly 30,000 Chinese work in Pakistan. It's the responsibility of the Pakistani government to provide requisite security protection. As such, the Pakistani government has raised a special force including more than 15,000 soldiers who provide security to Chinese working o

Chinese Military Toppling Jinping? Is PLA Plotting Coup?

Though this news has nothing to do with Doklam military standoff between Indian and China; the news, if it really possess even faction of truth, then it has potential to shake word politics and economy in a single stroke. Since Xi Jinping's reached at the helm of Chinese leadership in March 2013, there are rumors of coup against him. But all news died the natural death lacking any substantial proof and secured no space in media circle. But his time the news came out with minute details with persons involved in the affairs and many in Delhi media circle have personally confirmed the happenings. The whole set of chain of incidences set in motion in May last week when two Chinese businessmen arrived in New Delhi separately on business assignments as per their Visa details. They were supposed to meet CII and FICCI officials to discuss investment options in Karnataka and Haryana. Both businessmen arrived on different dates and through different routes. But reached at same 7- Star Hote