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U.S. strategy in Afghanistan is obsolete

U.S. strategy in Afghanistan is obsolete by  LAWRENCE SELLIN, PHD  October 14, 2017 U.S. Army Gen. Joseph Votel, head of Central Command,  believes  that military pressure will force the Taliban to negotiate: "That's what the object is here is, to use the military pressure to bring them to the table and enhance the efforts, not only diplomatically but regionally, focused on bringing this to some kind of a political negotiation settlement and some kind of peace discussion that takes place." It is Vietnam déjà vu. In his October 5, 1964 memorandum "How Valid Are the Assumptions Underlying Our Vietnam Policy," Undersecretary of State George Ball  posed  several questions about the deteriorating political and military situation in South Vietnam, among them: "Can we, by military pressure against North Vietnam, persuade the Hanoi Government to stop Viet Cong action in the South or at least reduce that action to the point where the Viet Cong insurgency beco

Balochistan National Congress (BNC) welcome the U.S Congressman Dana Rohrabacher’s statement of support for the Baloch people

Balochistan National Congress (BNC) welcome the U.S Congressman Dana Rohrabacher’s statement of support for the Baloch people and other oppressed nationalities in Pakistan. PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 13, 2017 Washington, D.C:  - Balochistan National Congress (BNC) welcome and thank the U.S Congressman Dana Rohrabacher for his support to the oppressed Baloch people in Pakistan occupied Balochistan.  Rohrabacher, speaking in the US House of Representatives, said that,”the US should support the Baloch people and other oppressed groups in Pakistan, who are being subject to grave human rights violations for demanding the right to self-determination”. "We thank Dana Rohrabacher for his continues and unwavering support to the oppressed Baloch people of Pakistan occupied Balochistan", said Dr. Baloch, the President of BNC. Dana Rohrabacher is a member of the U.S House of Representatives representing California's 48th congressional district and is serving

The Geopolitics of the Kra Canal Aerial nature view of Kho Khot Kra or Kra Isthmus. (boonsom/Getty Images) 4 OCT | by Joseph V. Micallef Joseph V. Micallef is a best-selling military history and world affairs author, and keynote speaker. Follow him on Twitter at @ JosephVMicallef . The Kra or Thai Canal is a proposed manmade waterway across the Kra Isthmus on the Malay Peninsula in southern Thailand. The canal would connect the South China Sea with the Andaman Sea, providing a link between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. It would be located about 500 miles south of Bangkok and 120 miles north of Thailand’s border with Malaysia. The new route would reduce the distance oil tankers from the Persian Gulf to Asian ports must traverse by around 700 miles. The canal would also eliminate the need to transit the increasingly crowded, piracy-prone and dangerous Malacca Strait, as well as the adjacent Sunda Strait between Sum

India - An Emerging Global Power

Dr Swamy speaking at UN HQ on “India - An Emerging Global  Power  “ Dr Subramanian Swamy’s video of speech on Tuesday 10th Oct 2017 at the UN HQ New York on *“India-An Emerging Global Power”*  

I will never forget the sound of a body being dropped into the pit when a man was hanged

Source: Dawn, Pakistan Sohail Yafat Updated October 10, 2017 Countdown to Execution Jails get quiet when prisoners hear an execution warrant has been issued. Like every other jail in Pakistan, Sahiwal Central Jail was full. Of course, by full, I mean holding twice as many prisoners than it was built for. If you put thousands of men in cages, it can get loud. I barely slept at night when I was a prisoner there for ten years. The sounds of men snoring, crying and sometimes screaming in their sleep will keep you awake. The exception was when we knew that one of us was heading to the gallows. We would get silence, but we would lose our sleep. They would quietly separate the prisoner with the execution warrant from the general population of the prison. We all knew then that his time had come. Even those of us who were not on death row would tense up. Held like animals in a pen, we would turn to the one thing that we could do: pray. We would collect in groups, praying to a higher powe

Russia And China Continue To Boost Oil Ties , October 10, 2017, 08:47:17 AM EDT    Even before the OPEC/non-OPEC production cuts took effect in January 2017, Russia had already  beaten  Saudi Arabia to become China’s single largest oil supplier for 2016. Since then, Saudi Arabia has sacrificed still more of its market share in the prized Chinese market, while Russia has  dominated  Beijing’s top suppliers’ list for most of this year. Now Russia’s oil giant, Rosneft—whose chief executive Igor Sechin is a close ally of Vladimir Putin—is reportedly aiming to further increase its crude oil deliveries to China, as Russia looks to boost energy ties with the world’s biggest crude oil importer and top driver of global oil demand growth.    Since the OPEC/Russia oil production deal began, the U.S. has  stepped up sanctions  on Russia, which made Western banks and companies even more cautious in dealing with Russian firms. Considering this, it’s not a huge surprise that Rosneft and Russia want to boost ties with Chinese

Picture of the day: Sameen Baloch

Baloch Activist Ms.Sameen Baloch addressing Hind Baloch Forum in Azamghar , UP.

Telangana #UnDemocratic and #IppressiveRule in the state

#AajkaCharcha Following letter shows the TRS/KCR's in #Telangana #UnDemocratic and #IppressiveRule in the state . Against the #HumanRightsViolations of #Citizens There is a #Fear and #Frustration in the #Political ranks as #Anti-#Incumbency growing against this #DictatorialRule, but they can't #Suppress #FreedomofSpeech which is a #ConstitutionalRight! Let us all #Condemn this #Dictatorial Practice. No one has #Jurisdiction on #SocialMedia, it is the #Gift of #Democracy!

Public Diplomacy Handbook The handbook provides a theoretical foundation and practical tools to construct a successful public diplomacy campaign in the context of Asia-Europe relations. Each chapter combines theories on a relevant topic with useful information obtained from the authors’ hands-on experience. The accompanying interviews with high-profile professionals provide insightful knowledge on the role of public diplomacy in enhancing Asia-Europe cooperation. Chapter 1: Public Diplomacy, Concepts and Methods Chapter 2: The Changing Face of Asia-Europe Relations Chapter 3: Images and Perceptions in Public Diplomacy Chapter 4: How to Work with Media Content Chapter 5: How to Work with Public Opinion Chapter 6: How to Use Digital Tools and Social Media Chapter 7: How to Interact with Stakeholders (Advocacy) Chapter 8: How to Manage a Public Diplomacy Campaign and Public Affairs Download


Valdai Discussion Club 06.10.2017 © 2017 Santi Palacios/AP Oleg Barabanov The referendum in Catalonia became a turning point not only for the political chain of events in this region, but also for the evolution of the European Union as a whole. In recent days, many expert and journalist comments on the referendum’s results highlight how the example of Catalonia may be infectious for an array of other regions in EU countries. They may all go down the path of escalating and transforming their demands of autonomy and federalization into political struggle and independence from their mother countries. There is already a term, “latent Сatalonias,” which characterizes around a dozen regions in various EU countries that may take the route of Barcelona. Therefore, in order to better understand the reasons behind the success of last Sunday’s Catalan referendum, we must look not only at internal Spanish problems, but also at the logic of the development of the entire European Union in the

Dr Swamy met the Sikh Community Leaders

Dr Swamy met the Sikh Community Leaders during the visit to Washington DC on Sunday