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IAF wanted to avenge 26/11, but UPA 'blocked' surgical strike

IAF wanted to avenge 26/11, but UPA 'blocked' surgical strike - SHOCKING DETAILS of how India 'spared' Saeed Nov 27, 2017 | 13:10 IST | Times Now Bureau Setup Timeout Error: Setup took longer than 30 seconds to complete. New Delhi:  In a shocking disclosure, Air Chief Marshal (Retd) Fali Homi Major has revealed that the Indian Air Force was ready to take revenge for the devastating  2008 Mumbai terror attacks  but the then United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government 'blocked' any further action on the surgical strike option that was meant to teach terror-sponsor  Pakistan  a lesson. ALSO READ:   Responses to 26/11 and Uri attacks show difference between UPA and NDA  govts : PM Modi in Gujarat The former IAF chief, in conversation with  Times Now's National Affairs Editor Srinjoy Chowdhury , revealed the IAF's surgical strike plan in 2008. 26/11 Mumbai attack: 9 years on, survivors await closure, say 'Punish mastermind in Pakistan' Nine y

Where Gilgit Baltistan stands in Law Books?

Answer is needed from Lawyers and Politicians and also from intellectuals, teachers, students and general masses. We the people of PoGB (Pakistan occupied Gilgit-Baltistan) read about the governor, Chief Minister and GBLA etc in newspapers, TV Channels and Radios. We go to the courts and hear the words of High Court and sometimes even Supreme Court. We are told by the Lawyer and Court officials that so and so judge has arrived and listened both the sides of lawyers. One lawyer (prosecutor) gives his expert opinion against an accused or complainant/plaintiff and another gives his opinion in favour of the accused/defendant. If accused is innocent, it means the prosecutor is lying, if accused has committed crime it means the defendant lawyer is lying in the court. Those who lost their case say this Judge was biased or took bribe from other side. Have we- the general masses- ever thought that we have Judges, High Court, Assembly, Governor and Chief Minister. Then why some people, politic