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The real and hidden costs of Russia’s foreign policy

28 February 2018 Stanislav Secrieru Russia is set to hold presidential elections on 18 March 2018, and Vladimir Putin has expressed his intention to run for another term. His high approval ratings, the vast administrative resources at his disposal and the non-competitive political environment in Russia make the outcome a foregone conclusion. However, if the oriented turn after the elections. Alternatively, if Russia continues down the same path, which factors will be responsible?  Download

Public Diplomacy: LESSONS FROM NATO

Feb 27, 2018   The first issue of  CPD Perspectives on Public Diplomacy  this year is an article by 2015-17 CPD Research Fellow  Barbora Maronkova . "From Crawling to Walking: Progress in Evaluating the Effectiveness of Public Diplomacy: Lessons Learned from NATO," looks at the evolving evaluation and measurement practices of NATO's Public Diplomacy Division. Maronkova's essay delves into the organizational restructuring within NATO that merged the Office of Information and Press and the Science for Peace Program, as a means to address challenges in communication and public diplomacy. This issue also marks the first in the  Perspectives  series with Guest Editor  Vivian S. Walker , a past contributor to the series on such topics as Russian disinformation campaigns in Georgia and re-framing state narratives on terror. "This paper detailing efforts to raise awareness about and generate trust in the NATO alliance illustrates that all too rare intersection bet