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JOKE: Arrested for laughing...!!

This is from an actual trial in the UK. A young woman who was several months pregnant was sitting in a bus. When she noticed a young man smiling at her she began feeling humiliated on account of her condition. She changed her seat and he seemed more amused. She moved again and then on seeing him laughing more. She filed a court case on him. In the court the man's defence was:- When the lady boarded the bus i couldn't help noticing she was pregnant. She sat under an advertisement, which read "Coming Soon- The unknown boon".. I was even more amused when she then sat under a shaving advertisement, which read:- "William's stick did the trick".. Then I could not control myself any longer,when on the third move she sat under an advertisement, which read:- "Dunlop Rubber would have prevented this accident".. The case was dismissed. The judge fell off his chair laughing !

China’s amphibious ambitions emerge in South China Sea

PLA Navy Marine Corps has developed into a formidable force for China's power projection in regional waters and beyond By  KERRY K GERSHANECK MAY 31, 2018 3:41 PM (UTC+8) 582 8 A Chinese amphibious assault vehicle in the Seaborne Assault 2017 international competition held at Klerk training area of the Pacific Fleet. Photo: Sputnik via AFP/Vitaliy Ankov In mid-May, China’s news media reported People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force H-6K bombers landed on disputed Woody Island–the first time nuclear-capable aircraft landed on any of the features in the South China Sea region. From islands China has militarized in the South China Sea, H-6K bombers are today technically able to strike Singapore and much of Indonesia, with potential capability to hit US installations in Guam and northern Australia. The dailyReport Must-reads from across Asia - directly to your inbox But nuclear-capable bombers are not the only formidable power projection capability China is forward basing in t

Policy and Legal Implications of European Court’s Ruling on CIA “Black Sites” by  Katherine Cheasty Kornman June 1, 2018 A Casa 235 turboprop plane at Ruzyne Airport April 8, 2005 in Prague, Czech Republic before leaving for Afghanistan. According to airport flight records the plane was registered to the firm Aero Contractors, a firm suspected of participating in the CIA’s rendition program. Pavel Horejsi / Getty On Thursday, the European Court of Human Rights handed down its judgments in two cases involving European countries that had hosted CIA “black sites” in their territory. In the two cases –  Al Nashiri v. Romania  and  Abu Zubaydah v. Lithuania  – the Court found that both States, through their cooperation with CIA extraordinary renditions of the applicants, had committed multiple violations of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). In reaching its findings against the two European States, the Court also delivered blistering criticism of the U.S. Military Commissions as well as the CIA’s interrogation practices, black sites,

The ECFR Power Audits

Commentary Asli Aydıntaşbaş &  François Godement &  Kadri Liik &  Jeremy Shapiro  @JyShapiro 25th May, 2018   - CC0 1.0 The four power audits show that Europeans, particularly when working together, retain the capacity to cooperate and compete effectively with all these powers.  But they also show that, in each case, Europe is failing to do so.  Geopolitics has made a roaring come back in recent years.  The world has once again entered an era of great power competition of the type that Europeans thought they had left in the 20 th  century. Europeans generally don’t like this new, more competitive world, but it is arriving nonetheless, and they need to prepare.  For the last year, ECFR has sought to stimulate a debate on how Europe relates to the major powers of the world and what Europeans need to do to keep up with them.  Toward this end, we produced four “power audits” of European relations with China, Russia, Turkey, and the United States. Each power

The omnipotent dollar: US sanctions and the euro problem

Commentary Caroline de Gruyter 22nd May, 2018 Euro vs. Dollar 121/366 by Dennis Skley  -  CC by ND 2.0 Last week, European heads of state and government moved to protect European companies that do business with Iran from US sanctions. In this, they have the law on their side. Under the Iran nuclear deal signed in 2015, Western companies are allowed to do business with Iran in return for the country’s suspension of much of its nuclear programme and submission to a stringent inspection regime. The UN Security Council has approved the deal. All signatories, except the United States, abide by the agreement’s terms. Europe’s activation of a blocking statute that limits the scope of US sanctions, or its introduction of credit financing through the European Investment Bank, may provide some temporary relief. But, in the long run, such efforts will not be enough. The way that US President Donald Trump has turned his back on the Iran deal, without any consideration for America’s European

Primer: Privacy and Big Data

Primer:  Privacy and Big Data A rapidly growing proportion of human activities - professional, social and personal - are now mediated by digital devices and services. Michal Kosinski explains some of the implications of the big data society for businesses, governments and individuals.     Watch the video >

Deepak Talwar charged more than Rs. 35 lakhs monthly from AirAsia for lobbying with officials, media houses, journalists Did Deepak Talwar embellish his proposal for pecuniary gains when he listed almost all the journalists and editors covering Civil Aviation? By   Team PGurus  - June 1, 2018 Did Deepak Talwar embellish his proposal for pecuniary gains when he listed almost all the journalists and editors covering Civil Aviation? The  leaked  emails in the  AirAsia  scam seized by investigators show accused and controversial lobbyist  Deepak Talwar ’s firm charged more than  Rs.35 lakhs  per month from AirAsia for  lobbying  with Government officials for favorable orders and media houses for positive coverage. The long proposal of Deepak Talwar’s firm  Deepak Talwar Associates (DTA) to AirAsia explains how to create a favorable atmosphere for the tainted Malaysian origin flight firm in Government and media world. This was a proposal by DTA to AirAsia and in the interest of fairness we are avoiding displaying the pages containing the names of people mentioned by the accused lobbyist.

Is the US-China trade war back on?

Karishma Vaswani Asia business correspondent @BBCKarishmaon Twitter Image copyrightGETTY IMAGESImage captionThe Trump administration now appears to be escalating trade tensions with Beijing On again, off again. The Trump administration seems to have a knack for keeping everyone guessing - not just on the North Korean summit - but also on trade. So, is the US-China trade war back on? Trade talks versus trade wars Just a week after it looked like the US and China had agreed to put their trade war on hold, Washington now appears to be escalating trade tensions with Beijing. Analysts say this move could cast a shadow over the potential success of talks between the US and China in Beijing over the next couple of days. What the US wants from China The talks, to be led by US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, are aimed at reducing the bilateral trade deficit. Currently,  the US buys nearly four times as much from China as it sells . Beijing has indicated that it will buy some US agric

SupChina: Latest updates on Trade and Tech

Wednesday, May 30, 2018 Talking trade and tech with Yasheng Huang Forward to a friend , or if this was forwarded to you,  subscribe here TOP STORIES GIF by Lucas Niewenhuis.  View pronunciation video from Jia . Read this  in your browser ,  see our  newsletter archives , or view our  Access archives for members . Dearest reader, We’ve got a grab bag of six stories for you at the top today, and the usual links below. As always, hit “reply” to send me feedback, or write to  to reach our whole team. —Jeremy Goldkorn, Editor-in-Chief 1. Three Chinese companies and industries to watch Western fears about Chinese dominance of technologies have recently focused on artificial intelligence (AI). Yet there are many other industries where China is set to lead, partly because of the sheer numbers of talented and educated people available and entrepreneurial zeal, but also because of government support and light regulation. Biotech — pharma, healthcare, and med

Quote of the Day: Baloch Leader Ataullah Mengal on "Leaders"

Every human being is the product of his time, and the same applies to leaders. Time is the ultimate factor which gives birth to leaders. I personally believe leaders aren’t born — it is time and circumstances that create leaders. If you want to judge a person or a leader, look at his circumstances and the era he is living in and how he is dealing with the problems. It would be unjust to give [full] credit to one leader and discredit others. __Sardar Ataullah Mengal , veteran Baloch Leader

CPEC 2018 Summit: Pakistan's third chance CPEC 2018 Summit: Pakistan's third chance By Ahsan Iqbal Pakistan has already missed two big development opportunities; CPEC brings with it a third. It is a moment of opportunity we cannot afford to miss, writes Ahsan Iqbal, Federal Minister, Planning, Development and Reform. TIMES are changing, the world is transforming, and Asia remains at the epicentre of this 21st century transformation. The centre of economic power is shifting from the West towards the East partly because of the global economic recession of 2008-09, and partly because of the implementation of futuristic visions by China in the form of Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) serves as the flagship project of BRI and this vision. CPEC, which is one of the seven economic corridors of BRI, provides Pakistan and the surrounding countries enormous opportunities as it gives an integrating platform for over three billion people in Central, Wes

How redefining Army intel can help fight high-end adversaries By:  Mark Pomerleau   The Army is working to inject electronic warfare capability back into its formations. (Sgt. Michael C. Roach/Army) Many senior leaders admit the Army divested a lot of its  electronic warfare capability  over the last decade-plus, so the service is currently undergoing efforts aimed at  injecting capability back into formations . One way is the Army is beginning to fuse intelligence and electronic warfare at a broad strategic level, as well as in integrated capabilities to be used by new tactical formations. At the broad level, the Army recently authored what’s known as an initial capabilities document regarding the Terrestrial Layer Intelligence Support to Multi-domain and Joint Combined Arms Maneuver concepts. This document outlines problems across intelligence disciplines. On the platform side, the Army has decided to scrap its primary pro