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RWR Advisory: Belt and Road at a Glance

Belt and Road at a  Glance   Top Developments Hambantota Controversy Re-Emerges The June 25 publication of a  New York Times   report  on China’s involvement in Sri Lanka’s  Hambantota Port has re-ignited controversy surrounding the facility. A group of lawmakers linked to former president Mahinda Rajapaksa held a news conference in which they claimed that two Sri Lankan Times journalists were working on behalf of the current government to undermine Rajapaksa, who also denied allegations that he had taken campaign contributions from the Chinese government. State tabloid  Global Times  added fuel to the fire,  commenting : “Instead of the  New York Times demonizing China’s efforts, isn’t it better if it explores how the U.S. can participate in aiding impoverished countries?” Bank of China Opens Branch in Mexico, Possibly Signaling Increase in Chinese Investment? On June 26,  Mexican  regulator Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores (CNBV) authorized the opening of a new branch of

No middle ground: Moving on from the crypto wars

Source: ECFR.EU Policy Brief Stefan Soesanto  05th July, 2018 Photo: Christoph Scholz  (cropped) -  CC by SA 2.0 SUMMARY Accepting a middle ground or finding a balanced solution on the issue of encryption is neither feasible nor, in fact, desirable.Privacy advocates and security researchers are destined to win the fight on stronger encryption and against key escrow, but they will lose the war on security – and most likely fragment along those fault lines in the not-so-distant future.In Europe, no single vision on how to tackle the challenges created by the rise of encryption currently exists on the political level.Law enforcement agencies in Europe view encryption as one among many other inter-related issues that are undermining their future role.From a European intelligence agency perspective , accepting the degradation and denial of intelligence collection efforts is an unacceptable solution to the encryption problem.A targeted approach, through the build-up arsenals of exploi