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Afghanistan institute for Strategic studies: Opinions

Iran’s Interests in Afghanistan: Water, Black Market Currency, & Extremism By  Ejaz Ahmad Malikzada Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi recently visited Kabul to discuss recent efforts towards peace in Afghanistan. Though the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs hasn’t provided any details of the meeting, the visit is indicative of an Iranian effort to maintain relations with the Afghan government as the government neg.. Read more The Taliban’s Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (1996–2001): ‘War-Making and State-Making’ as an Insurgency Strategy By Dr. Yaqub Ibrahimi The establishment of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) was the Taliban’s first effort to transform into a state structure in the midst of the Afghan civil war. However, the effort met with no ultimate success. After capturing Kabul in September 1996, the Taliban formed the IEA which was based on a two-track governance system.. Read more   Vietnam Redux in Afghanistan: Peace as an Extension of Wa

GCSC Cyberstability Update, February 1st, 2019

GCSC Cyberstability Update, February 1st, 2019 Your weekly news updates on the GCSC, its members, and relevant developments in the field of international cyber affairs. For more information about the GCSC, please visit . UN Panel Reviews Benefits, Risks of Digital Technology The article by Leila Mead was published on the International Institute for Sustainable Development  SDG Knowledge Hub  website, 29 January 2019   The  Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace  met in Geneva to discuss international security and information and communications technology (ICT). Fabrizio Hochschild, UN Assistant Secretary-General for Strategic Coordination, who participated in both meetings, reiterated the UN Secretary General’s belief that challenges posed by the digital age are “one of the key issues of our time,” next to climate change and inequality.   Read More 76 Partners Launch WTO Talks on E-Commerce The European Commission press release was published

For Science, Or The ‘Motherland’? The Dilemma Facing China’s Brightest Minds

YANGYANG CHENG JANUARY 30, 2019 0 The fathers of modern Chinese physics survived idealism and endured persecution. They’re exalted now, but at what cost?   It was a chilly November day in 2007. The colloquium was scheduled to start at 4 in the afternoon, but hours earlier, the main auditorium at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) was already packed. Students without a seat sat on the steps and squeezed into the corridors. More huddled by the entrance, pouncing for an empty spot. The celebrity speaker was Chen-Ning Yang (杨振宁 Yáng Zhènníng). The theoretical physicist and his collaborator Tsung-Dao Lee (李政道 Lǐ Zhèngdào) were the first people of Chinese ethnicity to win the Nobel prize in 1957. Though both had left China before the Communist government took power and conducted their award-winning work in the United States, Yang and Lee are venerated in the country of their birth as symbols of Chinese scientific prowess. Juniors at USTC, my roommates and I had wa

Blackwater Founder’s New Company Strikes a Deal in China. He Says He Had No Idea. Erik Prince said he had “no knowledge or involvement whatsoever” of a deal by Frontier Services Group to build a training camp in northwestern China.CreditZach Gibson for The New York Times Image Erik Prince said he had “no knowledge or involvement whatsoever” of a deal by Frontier Services Group to build a training camp in northwestern China.CreditCreditZach Gibson for The New York Times By  Alexandra Stevenson  and  Chris Buckley Feb. 1, 2019 HONG KONG — Erik Prince, a former member of the Navy SEALs best known as the founder of the security contractor formerly known as Blackwater, has made it clear that he considers China a priority. He teamed up with one of China’s biggest conglomerates and set up a company that would help Chinese companies overseas. But Mr. Prince scrambled on Friday to distance himself from the latest announcement: that his company, Frontier Services Group, had stru

Hindu Temples Vs Government Control

*WHY YOU AS A HINDU SHOULD ATTEND THIS EVENT IN HYDERABAD TODAY!* * Hindu Temples Vs Government Control*: Today , 2 Feb, 2019, 6-8 Pm , Hotel Plaza, Begumpet, Hyderabad *Meet our Speaker*: J Sai Deepak, Advocate-Supreme Court and the Delhi High Court. On 26 July 2018, the day of the hearing on Lord Ayappa’s of Sabrimala’s right to remain a ‘Naistika Brahmachari’ senior counsels made their submissions, the bench headed by Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra allowed advocate J Sai Deepak-the counsel appearing for intervener organisation People for Dharma -10 minutes to present his submissions as the court had to rise for lunch. Sai Deepak, began his arguments with a simple statement: The temple has asserted its rights, women have asserted their rights, but no one has asserted the rights of the deity inside Sabarimala. And the "deity's advocate" wanted to assert the rights of his "client" by all means. In less than 5 mins, he made arguments that convinced the b

Belt and Road Initiative: Top Developments

RWR Advisory 📌 Xi Calls for Belt and Road Safety Guarantee System On January 21, President Xi Jinping gave a  speech  at the Central Party School of the CCP on the importance of risk management. In his address, Xi specifically mentioned the need to establish a Belt and Road “security guarantee system” to “strengthen the protection of overseas interests and guarantee the security of large-scale overseas projects and personnel.” These remarks come in the wake of several attacks on Chinese nationals working on Belt and Road projects in  Pakistan , and, more recently, an  incident  in which a Chinese construction site in  Kenya  came under fire from alleged al-Shabab militants. The Xi administration is also exploring more innovative measures for protecting overseas Chinese assets and personnel. In  Myanmar , Beijing has called on the Ta’ang National Liberation Army insurgent group to  protect  China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group employees working on the Mandalay-Muse high-speed railw

Rest in Peace George Fernandez

It was year 1998 BJP was single largest party and NDA was the strongest alliance   in Loksabha. Vajpayee was elected as  the PM. Confidence motion was put before the house. Congress and CPM had joined hands to vote against NDA government. Leaders of both parties were sitting together and attacking BJP NDA . Whenever Congress leader spoke, the  CPM leaders were thumping the desks and vice-versa. Whenever a leader from NDA was attacking Congress, leaders from CPM were counter  attacking fiercely. All 'secular' forces were united to dethrone the Vajpayee government. Veteran leader George Fernandez was defending the government. He said " Speaker sir, I want to inform you what a strong organisation has to say something on Congress party". He took out a book while speaking so and started reading. "Congress party is the fountainhead of corruption...(big shouting from congress benches)...The British left and the Congress party replaced them. Over the past 50 years, C

Save Rashid Hussain Baloch

By Fateh Jan Baloch On 26 December 2018, the UAE intelligence agencies have arrested and taken to an undisclosed location the 23-year-old Baloch student and social media activist Rashid Hussain Baloch while he was on his way from Sharjah to Dubai. The UAE police expressed cluelessness about his whereabouts and formally registered the FIR of his ‘disappearance’ at the request of his family. A few days later more than a dozen intelligence security officers brought Rashid Hussain to his apartment and demand from his family to hand over his passport. This demand for the passport was followed by intimidating phone calls to his family. People called from withheld numbers and threatened the family about Rashid’s passport. However, when Rashid Hussain’s family have asked about his whereabouts and well-being, they did not get any satisfactory reply from the UAE authorities. The family then, according to the law of UAE, hired a lawyer and gave him the power of attorney to find out if there w

Appetite for destruction

31 January 2019 |  Disinformation Review ,  Top Story Some say that lard is the new health food. Others claim it makes your cholesterol go up. Pro-Kremlin media, in turn, propose a recipe: fry a herring in lard and you will get anti-Russian Estonia. Welcome to this week’s Disinformation Review! Entrée à la Baltic   Have you ever tried herring deep-fried in lard? According to pro-Kremlin media, this is something that every Estonian politician has tasted, as they turned Estonia into a  small, angry, anti-Russian project .  Disinformation this week came back in a new wave directed at the Baltic states. On the one hand, it questioned their statehood and independence, on the other it tried to manipulate the audience by showing ‘examples’ of how bad the Baltics are, especially towards Russian speakers and people of Russian descent. Disinforming outlets told stories about Estonians forbidding Russian veterans to  wear their medals , which were as close to the truth as the ones accusing

Manipulation And Disinformation In Social Media: The Case Of Estonia And #ESTexitEU 28 January 2019 | On 12th of December last year, a man protesting against the UN Global compact for migration was attacked. A few days later, photos of the brawl appeared on the Russian social media site Vkontakte, showing someone with an Estonian flag on their sleeve beating the protester. The post in the ”Мы-Нарвские” or ”We from Narva” group also featured photos showing the placard stating ”EU=USSR”, ”Stop the UN assault pact” and ”#ESTexitEU”. The post quickly captured the attention of volunteers running the Estonian Propastop blog and  what they discovered  is more than interesting. Firstly, snow was present in the photos, but during the time of the alleged dustup the weather conditions hadn’t been so nordic. Secondly, there were many pictures but none of them revealed a face. Thirdly, no police records of the attack could be found. Thus the verdict of Propatop was: it’s f

IIT Kanpur has develped a website on our treasures of Vedas, Shahstras

IIT Kanpur has develped a website on our treasures of Vedas, Shahstras etc. Finally someone from today's science & technology field, is digging into what has already been done many many years ago. Check it out: No issue of language as IITK smartly put each Shloka in various languages. Most amazingly, commentary on each shloka by various scholars has also been provided. When you select the language as Bengali, it automatically translate everything into Bengali. Good use of technology. Please share this as much as u can.

Too Much Risk or Not Enough? New Development Finance Agencies in China and the United States

By Scott Wingo The past year has seen significant shake-ups to the development finance regimes of the world’s two largest economies. In April 2018, China  officially established  its new China International Development Cooperation Agency (CIDCA). Not to be outdone, the United States Congress in October 2018 passed the Better Utilization of Investment Leading to Development Act, better known as the BUILD Act. The  BUILD Act  established the United States International Development Finance Corporation (USIDFC), which will replace and expand upon the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC). At first glance, it might be easy enough to dismiss these two agencies as roughly parallel developments in a tit-for-tat competition between the United States and China. Indeed, there is an undeniable element of Sino-American competition at play here, especially given the current state of overall bilateral relations. However, CIDCA and the USIDFC actually serve very different purposes rooted i