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Experts project how IoT will be used to transform agriculture.

According to the U.N., we will  need to produce 70% more food in 2050  than in 2006. Smart sensors combined with big data will help farmers meet the demands of a growing and hungrier world.  Experts project how IoT will be used to transform agriculture.

Women and automation

AXIOS FUTURE Steve Levine Illustration: Lazaro Gamio/Axios   The most visible faces in the predicted coming wave of job displacement belong to the likes of factory workers and truck drivers — primarily men threatened by robots and AI. Kaveh writes:  But the wave will crash harder over women, who do the majority of highly automatable jobs. Policymakers thus far appear blind to the coming job losses for women, experts say, and risk putting in place training programs and safety nets that mainly rescue men. Automation is expected to devastate jobs that involve routine tasks, such as back-office clerical jobs like accounting and service jobs in retail and fast food. Women do the majority of this repetitive work,  according to the International Monetary Fund  (IMF). Key stat:  Women will make up 57% of the Americans likely to see their jobs either eliminated or changed significantly by 2026,  according to the World Economic Forum  (WEF). That's despite women making up  less than h

Remarks by spokesman of Islamic Emirate regarding conclusion of latest round of talks

Remarks by spokesman of Islamic Emirate regarding conclusion of latest round of talksin Statements March 12, 2019 Talks that began with the United States on the 25th of February 2019 came to an end today, 12th March 2019. This round of talks saw extensive and detailed discussions taking place regarding two issues that were agreed upon during January talks. Those two issues were the withdrawal of all foreign forces from Afghanistan and preventing anyone from harming others from Afghan soil; how and when will all foreign forces exit Afghanistan and through what method? Similarly, how will the United States and her allies be given assurances about future Afghanistan? Progress was achieved regarding both these issues. For now, both sides will deliberate over the achieved progress, share it with their respective leaderships and prepare for the upcoming meeting, the date of which shall be set by both negotiation teams. It should be mentioned that no agreement was reached regarding a ce

Pakistan to offer gas fields to foreign explorers, investors -official

P akistan to offer gas fields to foreign explorers, investors -official Much of the mineral-rich Pakistan remains unexplored despite gas discoveries dating back to the 1950s. By Reuters | Mar 12, 2019, 10.11 AM IST Pakistan also plans to introduce measures that ensure auction rights are unaffected by government or policy changes. ISLAMABAD:  Pakistan  plans to offers dozens of  gas field  concessions in the coming year to fill in a fuel shortage, a senior official said, with Islamabad hoping a sharp drop in militant violence and changes to exploration policy will attract foreign  investors . Much of the mineral-rich South Asian nation remains unexplored despite gas discoveries dating back to the 1950s.  Conventional gas reserves  are estimated at 20 trillion cubic feet (tcf), or 560 billion cubic meters, and shale gas reserves, which are untouched, at more than 100 tcf. ADVERTISEMENT Italy's ENI and U.S. oil major Exxon Mobil are jointly drilling for gas offshore in Pakistan

Wanted: Scholar to Document Progressive Perversity By Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld March 11, 2019 Erasmus of Rotterdam, painting by Hans Holbein via Flickr CC BESA Center Perspectives Paper No. 1,109, March 11, 2019 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY:  The academy needs a competent and ambitious historian to document the many instances of progressive perversity throughout the centuries. Topics to be examined should include the antisemitism of Erasmus of Rotterdam, the “Prince of Humanism”; the French Revolution, during which progressives guillotined other progressives; the antisemitism of progressives like Voltaire, most French socialist leaders of the nineteenth century, and Karl Marx; communism; and the 2001 World Conference Against Racism, which was an iconic example of progressive perversity. Progressive perversity has an extensive history over many centuries, and it is high time the phenomenon were subjected to scholarly analysis. A valid starting point for a competent and ambitious historian’s research might be the antisemitism o

In Search of Explainable Artificial Intelligence

Geopolitical Monitor OPINION  - March 8, 2019 By  Alessandro Bruno Today, if a new entrepreneur wants to understand why the banks rejected a loan application for his start-up, or if a young graduate wants to know why the large corporation for which he was hoping to work did not invite her for an interview, they will not be able to discover the reasons that led to these decisions. Both the bank and the corporation used artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to determine the outcome of the loan or the job application. In practice, this means that if your loan application is rejected, or your CV rejected, no explanation can be provided. This produces an embarrassing scenario, which tends to relegate AI technologies to suggesting solutions, which must be validated by human beings. Explaining how these technologies work remains one of the great challenges that researchers and adopters must resolve in order to allow humans to become less suspicious, and more accepting, of AI.  To that