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The internal jihadist threat is rapidly growing in India

 Chellaney Brahma Chellaney,  DailyO As India seeks to address the terrorism challenge in Jammu and Kashmir, jihadist forces are quietly gaining ground in far-flung states, especially West Bengal, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The situation in Assam is also fraught with danger. India can ignore the spreading jihadist threat only at its own peril. The ISIS, for example, has reportedly named a new “Bengal emir.” The Sri Lanka bombings, meanwhile, have helped highlight the growing cross-strait role of Islamist forces in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Such forces are affiliated with larger extremist networks or provide succour to radical groups elsewhere. The main group blamed for the Sri Lanka bombings, the National Thowheed Jamat (NTJ), is an ideological offspring of the rapidly growing Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamat (TNTJ). The Saudi-funded TNTJ, wedded to fanatical Wahhabism, is working to snuff out pluralistic strands of Islam. Such Arabization of Islam is increasingly apparent in Muslim communitie

Jobs and jihad

Irfan Husain May 04, 2019 EVER SINCE terrorism — specifically the jihadist variety — has stalked the globe, a common refrain has been that radicalised young men need to be educated and given job opportunities to steer them away from the murderous path they have chosen. But as we have learned in attack after attack, many of those responsible have been not just educated, but well-to-do. The mantra of ‘education and jobs’ rang particularly hollow in the aftermath of the recent mayhem that took place in Sri Lanka a fortnight ago: all the suicide bombers involved in the terror attacks were from well-off families, and some had gone abroad to study. Of course the classic example of well-heeled, well-educated terrorists remains the group of 19 (mostly Saudi) Arabs who flew the commercial jets into New York’s World Trade Centre, as well as the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. In Pakistan, we have the case of Omar Saeed Sheikh who confessed to kidnapping and beheading the American journalist,

A new fault line in post-war Sri Lanka  Ground Zero - In-depth reportage from The Hindu Meera Srinivasan MAY 04, 2019 00:15 IST UPDATED: MAY 04, 2019 01:29 IST After 10 years of a fragile peace, the deadly bombings on April 21 have blighted the eastern lagoon landscape of the island nation, pitting religious communities against one another. Meera Srinivasan reports on the simmering tensions in the aftermath of the attacks Every few metres in Batticaloa a white poster with the words ‘Kanneer Anjali’ (tribute with tears) appears, tied to trunks of trees, walls of churches, or gates of mosques. Right below the bold letters is an image of a pair of eyes, weeping. Near town, the narrow lane leading to the evangelical Zion Church, where one of the bombers blew himself up, just as his fellow jihadists did at two Catholic churches in Colombo and Negombo, is cordoned off. A huge banner with mugshots and names of the victims hangs at th


* BY Nani Palkhivala In an article published  in Bhavan’s Journal in 1997, Nani Palkhivala has enumerated six fatal mistakes in the past fifty years which have brought the country to this sorry state: * First ,* our greatest initial mistake was to start with adult franchise. No democracy has ever paid, all things considered, a heavier price from adult franchise than India. I am not aware of any great democracy which started as a  Republic on the basis of adult franchise: all of them started with a more restricted system and then graduated to adult franchise. Two of our greatest statesmen of earlier years were C Rajagopalachari and Sardar  Vallabhbhai Patel. When the constituent Assembly was in session, both these stalwarts recommended that we should not start with adult franchise but educate our people first to make them worthy of discharging their duties as citizens of a great democracy; but they were voted out. * The Second * fatal mistake was to let the population nearly treb

How the Supreme Court rapped the knuckled of the Congress President humiliated him

1. Singhvi Gandhi said ............... CJI. Who gandhi? Singhvi.. Rahul gandhi. CJI. He is not the only gandhi in India. Be specific.. 2. Singhvi. Rahul gandhi has already expressed regret. CJI. 20 page afgidavit and one letter *regret* do you call that as an apology?? Singhvi. No . My lord 3 CJI. How many lies by Rahul Gandhi? Singhvi. 3 lies, my lord. CJI. What are they? Do specify?? Singhvi. 1. SC said Chowkidar chor hai. 2. SC said, rafale is a scam. 3. SC said, we will take action against govt. CJI. Are you clear about the lies or any more? Singhvi No. My lord  only 3 instances of lies. We will tender detailed apology in another affidavit. CJI. Do so by 6th may. We will see whether we can accept it *can there be anymore humiliation to the guy aspiring to be future PM?*

China conditioned its support to blacklist Azhar "In backroom negotiations, China conditioned its support to blacklist Azhar on India carrying out a military de-escalation on the border and resuming bilateral dialogue with Islamabad on all outstanding issues including Kashmir." Expert Comment India should not accept listing under conditions. China wants to indirectly allow Pakistan to use cross-border terror as a tool of foreign policy. If we accept this "offer" then tomorrow Pakistan will get another group to attack us and China will promise the listing of this new group if we accept another demand of Pakistan. We should develop ability to strike across Pak and then mutually agree to not strike each other when Pak wants peace. Right now they strike our army and civilians and then shamelessly call for deescalation. Earlier the West used to support Pak peace mov