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Why China Has Hundreds Of Empty 'Ghost' Museums

Wade Shepard Contributor The museum looked like a colossal golden jelly bean. The adjacent library was designed to look, literally, like a row of books on a shelf. Across the street was an opera house that appeared to have been modeled from some kind of ancient Silk Road fortress. These magnificent buildings were all aligned along a massive public plaza that was nearly the size of Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, which ran south from the palace-like edifice of the new local government headquarters. Such monumental public works may have come off as normal along the raging boulevards of a vibrant, uber modern big city, but out here in  Ordos Kangbashi –a quiet and  scantly populated new city  rising up from the desert of central China– it was difficult to suspend a surreal feeling of disbelief: why would all of this be built  here ? I would soon discover that it was all a part of a top-down central government initiative to completely revamp China’s cultural infrastructure. Ordos Museum (G

Indian Naval Ships, Commando Escorts in Persian Gulf Area: An Inside Look From Monitoring Hub

Source: SNI Wire, India Amitabh P Revi, Prateek Suri and Shaurya Lenka Gurgaon 28 June 2019 In a first of its kind operation, Indian Navy Marine Commandoes (MARCOS) have boarded and escorted 10 Indian merchant ships to safety in the tense Persian Gulf, Strait of Hormuz and Gulf of Oman region (as of June 28). The Navy has deployed two ships, destroyer INS Chennai and patrol vessel INS Sunayna, at both ends of the narrow strait after the May 12 attacks on four tankers anchored off Fujairah, UAE and similar June 13 strikes in the Gulf of Oman. SNI visited the Navy’s IMAC (Information Management and Analysis Centre) in Gurgaon for an inside look at the monitoring hub.    SNI Photo: Courtesy Indian Navy The IMAC and the IFC-IOR (Information Fusion Centre-Indian Ocean Region) are keeping a close watch on white shipping or merchant vessels, in particular in the troubled Gulf region. Tension between the U.S. and Iran has seen President Donald Trump ordering and then revoking military s


NEW PD MAGAZINE HIGHLIGHTS MONUMENTAL PUBLIC DIPLOMACY Jun 24, 2019   The student-run  Public Diplomacy Magazine  has released its new Summer/Fall 2019 issue highlighting "monumental" instances of public diplomacy.  Outgoing Editor-in-Chief Brooke Adams notes how monuments communicate more than meets the eye: "Whether it is the way we return to headstones in memory of the dead or peruse ruins of ancient civilizations, these monuments to things beyond the physical present serve as road signs for humanity." Beyond physical structures, events and leaders can also carry monumental significance. As such, this issue includes articles focusing on important moments in global policy, examples of consequential leadership around the world, and the international relations implications of physical structures.  Adams also announced that Managing Editor Jasmine Kolano will succeed her as Editor-in-Chief, writing that Kolano "has been a faithful member of the  PD Magazin

Indian Black Money Abroad In Secret Banks and Tax Havens - Final Report

Indian Black Money Abroad In Secret Banks and Tax Havens - Final Report Indian Black Money Abroad In Secret Banks and Tax Havens Second Report Of The Task Force on the steps to be taken by India Members Shri Gurumurthy, Chartered Accountant, Chennai Shri Ajit Doval, former Director Intelligence Bureau, Delhi Prof R.Vaidyanathan, Professor of Finance Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore Shri Mahesh Jethmalani, Senior Advocate, Mumbai Submitted to BHARATIYA JANATA PARTY I. The First Interim Report The first Interim Report of the Task Force appointed by the Bharatiya Janata Party was released to the public on 17-04-2009. Afterward different world governments, particularly those in the West, have increasingly begun targeting tax havens and intensely began pursuing black money. The US, and France particularly began a huge campaign against the evil of black money. The estimates black money lodged in tax havens by global financial institutions like the International Monetary