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China seeks to promote its view on Xinjiang

TRIVIUM CHINA On Sunday, the State Council Information Office issued a white paper on historical issues in Xinjiang. Listen up:  The white paper points out that China is a unified multi-ethnic country and that all ethnic groups are family members of the Chinese nation. There’s just one problem:  Recently, “hostile forces” have tried to split China by deliberately distorting history! The white paper aims to set the record straight: “Xinjiang has long been an inseparable part of Chinese territory.” “It has never been the so-called ‘East Turkistan.’” The paper is at pains to point out that Islam is neither:an indigenous religion to China, northe sole belief system of the Uyghur people.But it also notes that Islam has a place in China: “Islam, which integrates with Chinese culture, has taken root in the fertile soils of China and developed soundly.” And in case you didn’t know: Xinjiang is actually at its best period in history.  Get smart:  The Chinese government is trying to be pro

Heading towards Free Balochistan?

Heading towards Free Balochistan? Imran used Jewish influence for US visit , Pakistan tilting towards Israel & Anti Iran Axis taking shape on Pakistani soil          There was political storm in Pakistan last year when news spread with lightening pace that Israeli plane landed at Rawalpindi's Noor Khan airbase. Rumor also wreaked havoc that Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu secretly visited Pakistan. Accusations and counters flown in the air and settled down. But mystery still persists around that private plane and no official information available on the matter. Many believed that Israelis with active role of Saudi Prince MBS tested Pakistan's domestic audience should Pakistan- Israel inch forward to establish diplomatic relations in near future. Here is Part-2 of the experiment! Imran Khan is on US visit, nothing much surprising in it. But everyone was frowned to explore the route he took to arrange his much hyped American tour. According to Arab News and Express Tribune