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The Promise of 'Belt and Road' August 21, 2019 China's ambitious infrastructure initiative points to the potential of global cooperation. Read the article,  The Promise of 'Belt and Road'   China's Belt and Road Initiative is a repackaging and acceleration of a policy that has been in place for some time. Officially announced in 2013, it simply gave a name to a pattern of development that had been evident since the turn of the century. 1  But this repackaging comes as other parts of the world are turning in on themselves—the United States is going down a protectionist route; Europe is splitting apart as the lack of a real fiscal union exacerbates the divisions between rich and poor parts of the European Union. China, with its economic outreach across central Europe and its embrace of international trade and economic cooperation, increasingly is the standard

KASHMIR: Indian Counter operations a glimpse

Will have to shoot your son if he doesn't drop guns... Army officer tells Kashmiri terrorist's family pRdANQ8k7tw A calm and no nonsense message to family of a terrorist in Kulgam by an Indian army officer, warning them to conduct the Janaza (burial) of their terrorist son without causing more deaths. He gives them 2 choices, either ask your boy to surrender or plan for a peaceful funeral for him soon.

“Made in China 2025” Unmade?

Eliot Chen Eliot Chen was an inaugural MacroPolo Summer Associate, where he spent 10 weeks in Chicago conceptualizing and executing on this project. Eliot is now completing his studies at Princeton University, where he is majoring in political science. The analysis and findings are solely his. All questions and follow-ups should be directed to Eliot at . You can follow Eliot on Twitter  @eliotchen97 . “Made in China 2025” Unmade? Visualizing Beijing’s Response to US Pressure Through Media Analysis Key Findings The sudden purging of “Made in China 2025” coverage in Chinese official media was likely a direct response to the escalation of US-China trade tensions after March 2018.Media analysis of MIC2025 shows how the ebb and flow of coverage can be deliberate and calculated, particularly as Beijing responds to pressure and backlash from abroad.Official media is inherently a political tool, so the fact that Beijing proactively dialed back media coverage of

Bridging Perceptions: China in Mozambique

Lauren Baker Lauren Baker was an inaugural Summer Associate at MacroPolo, where she spent ten weeks in Chicago working on this project. Her work is based on on-the-ground insights and sources she cultivated during the year she spent in Mozambique as a Boren Fellow. A graduate of the University of Chicago’s Committee on International Relations, Lauren now resides in Washington, DC. All views and analysis are solely those of Lauren. All follow-up and questions about this project should be addressed to Lauren: . Executive Summary Concern about China’s role in Africa’s economic development is mounting. Chinese finance and investment on the continent is frequently folded into all-encompassing neocolonial narratives about Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and so-called “debt-trap diplomacy.” Yet African governments by-and-large do not endorse these concerns and many continue to pursue closer ties with China. Mozambique is one such country at the nexus of Eas

Dear Pak, Kashmir Needs Solidarity – So Do ‘Missing’ Pakistanis

Dear Pak, Kashmir Needs Solidarity – So Do ‘Missing’ Pakistanis TAHA SIDDIQU I Today, on 30 August, the Pakistani government and the military will begin its first public solidarity campaign for Kashmir, themed at raising awareness about the revocation of the ‘special’ status the region enjoyed under India, and the subsequent lockdown in the valley. On Monday, 26 August, Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan announced that all Pakistanis would have to dedicate half an hour of their time every Friday to express solidarity with their Kashmiri brethren. Then, on Wednesday, the head of the Pakistan military's media wing, General Asif Ghafoor, said that in line with the government's announcement to observe 'Kashmir Hour', national anthems and sirens would blare across the country at noon on Friday. 30 August also marks the UN-recognised International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances, which will be observed by the leading human rights organisations in Paki