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PROFILE: Remembering Brave Heart Umesh Chandra IPS

Career Highlights

The I.P.S Training Period (A.S.P. trainee):

Umesh Chandra began his I.P.S training in the Warangal district, a district notorious for naxal violence. His honesty, integrity, fairness and zeal for work was recognized by one and all, gaining him the reputation as an excellent officer. He took on the difficult task of flushing out naxalites immediately. He planned and actively participated in all operations and lead his teams with daring and panache. Inspired by his leadership, his team members immersed themselves wholeheartedly in the tasks he set out for them. His positive attitude and leadership resulted in many successes against the naxalites, thereby envigorating the police force in the district.

Warangal District (A.S.P. rural):

After his training, Umesh Chandra was posted in the same district as A.S.P (rural). He continued his onslaught on the naxalites and was very successful in apprehending many of them. His seniors were impressed with his work ethic, professionalism, and care towards the people of the district. He was very affectionate to the common man. He started a highly successful public awareness campaign entitled "Jana Jaagruti". Several cultural troupes were formed as part of this effort. This program has been emulated in other districts as well. All this while he was still pursuing naxalites. As a result of his efforts to curb naxal violence, he was targetted by the naxals at this early stage in his career.

Pulivendla Division (A.S.P):

Umesh Chandra's bravery and intelligence impressed his senior police officials. He was next given the task of cleaning up Pulivendala (Cuddapah district) of all rowdies and goondas. He was very stern with the antisocial elements and rid the sub-division of all troublesome characters. He also destroyed several gambling centers. Elections were no more the violent episodes of factional fighting, pollbooth grabbing, murder and mayhem. This earned him the praise of the common man. Many poems and songs were written in his praise during his short stay of three months. He was publicly honoured for his efforts in bringing peace to the area.

Warangal District (O.S.D):

Umesh Chandra then returned to Warangal as Officer on Special Duty. He continued his work in the district apprehending criminals, helping the common man, uplifting the spirits of the police force, and projecting the humane side of the police force. The attitude of the people towards the police changed markedly during his tenure in the Warangal district. His onslaught on the naxalites continued. He visited remote landmine infested areas with little regard to his own safety. He planned and executed with precision strategems for the capture of naxalites.

Cuddapah District (S.P):

The goverment of Andhra Pradesh recognized in Umesh Chandra the extraordinary ability to quickly identify and eliminate the root cause of any problem. The government chose him to bring order to the chaotic district of Cuddapah and promoted him to SUPERINTENDENT OF POLICE. He accepted the challenge and started work in his earnest way.

Umesh Chandra was instrumental in raising the morale of the entire police force of that region. He continued with the implementation of Jana Jaagruti in Cuddapah too. His public awareness campaigns instilled a sense of identity in the police and the people of that constituency. The people started to trust the police to do the right thing. In spite of his busy schedule he allocated several hours each day of his personal time to listen to problems faced by the people of the district. He spent many hours a week of his personal time addressing the issues faced by the people of the district. His efforts resulted in the virtual elimination of all unlicensed arms and ammunition.

During this time, Umesh Chandra "liberated" the common man from the clutches of factionalism and feudalism. Shortly after his arrival in Cuddapah, he made the streets secure for people to travel at night. Before his arrival, no woman could set foot on the street without being assaulted. Umesh Chandra led by example. His unswerving adherence to truth and justice prompted many factional leaders in the district to voluntarily give up their illegal arms and end their feuds.

He set new standards for policing, and administration for the entire state of Andhra Pradesh. He raised the spirit of his subordinates and moulded them as great soldiers. He instilled pride in the police force and built confidence in the police force among the people of this district. Many letters, poems and songswere written in his praise. As a result of his work, every police official worked diligently to ensure that the district remained peaceful. In a district where violence was the norm during elections, Umesh Chandra's methods produced excellent results by eliminating all violence during election time.

Umesh Chandra was the first to reach the remote areas with essential commodities and health care teams when floods ravaged the Cuddapah district. The police force contributed a portion of their pay towards the relief fund. Leaders of all parties, from all sections of the community praised Umesh Chandra's work and attitude. He received many letters of praise from the public expressing that he is a God in their view. His work can be visualized in those letters. He was called as Cuddapah tiger. Typically, sports figures and movie stars have fans associations. Umesh Chandra is/was probably the only government official in the entire country to have a fans association. Umesh Chandra exhorted this association to be useful to the society at large.

Umesh Chandra not only instilled pride in the police force, but also paid a lot of attention to the welfare of the police families. He expedited work to lay roads, provide water and gas connections to the police lines. This also raised the standard of living of the constables.

His transfer to Karimnagar was opposed by every peace loving person in the district. The common man, civic leaders, the police force, all expressed great disappointment in the government's action. The entire district of Cuddapah gave their favorite son the farewell of a lifetime. Suffice to say, such an event had never happened in the past, and will probably never happen again. The scenes from the farewell function are only to be experienced, and cannot be adequately described in words. The outpouring of love for their favorite son and police officer, and outrage at his transfer provide a spectacle unparalleled in the history of the police departments of this country.

Karimnagar District (S.P.):

Karimnagar was Umesh Chandra's next assignment. This district has always been the worst affected by naxalites and their criminal activities of all districts in Andhra Pradesh. Umesh Chandra continued his war on the naxalites. His colleagues opine that Umesh Chandra achieved in his short stay of 10 months what could not be achieved in more than decade before he took charge as S.P. Karimnagar.

Umesh Chandra put an end to the very lucrative, yet illegal and bogus chit fund operations. He closed down all bogus chit fund organizations and made the operators return the hard-earned money of the common folk.

He set guidelines of behavior for the entire police force. He supported his subordinates in all cases. He was also stern and did not tolerate indiscriminate actions and bad conduct by the police. The police officials followed his lead and worked for the upliftment of the society. He rewarded industrious and excelling police officials with promotions, incentives and pay hikes. His "Jana Jaagruti"programs produced the expected results here as well. The people were happy with the policing and administration in the district. A sound body is essential for a sound mind. To this effect, Umesh Chandra organised sports meets, thereby providing much needed recreation for the police.

In addition to his pursuit and apprehension of the extremists, he also gave them a chance to change their ways. He succeeded in convincing a number of extremists to change their way of life. He augmented his war on extremists by targetting the leaders for capture. In a very short career, he alone was responsible for a drastic reduction in naxal activities in this district.

The government succumbed to pressure by corrupt and vested interests and transferred him again to the D.G.P office as A.I.G Sports and Welfare. After 7 years of exemplary service, this transfer to a post of very little work amounts to an insult to Umesh Chandra's integrity and intelligence. Umesh Chandra bore this insult stoically and took over new task with the same earnest attitude as before. The entire police force was incensed with this act. During this confusion antisocial elements resorted to reckless acts of damaging of public property. Though Umesh Chandra was no longer the SP of Karimnagar, he exerted his influence to mitigate the damage. Yet, unjustifiably, he was suspended. The judicial commission appointed to probe the violence cleared Umesh Chandra and the police of all charges. Interestingly, this report has not been publicised as much as the criticisms directed towards Umesh Chandra.

AIG: Sports and Welfare:

The additional charge of computers was entrusted to Umesh Chandra soon after taking charge. Within a span of three short months Umesh Chandra set up a fully functional, modern computer center. He guided the development and deployment of election management software in this short period.

    Umesh Chandra's Childhood

    An active young man surrounded by friends.

    Umesh Chandra was the eldest son of Chadalavada Venugopal Rao and Nayanatara. His paternal grandfather was Sri Umamaheshwara Rao, former Justice Party leader. His maternal grandfather was Sri Tummala Jaganmohan Rao. He was a shy boy who was liked by one and all. The following photograph was taken when he was four years old.


    Umesh Chandra has an extended family. Every one showered him with great love and affection. The following photograph shows his parents and siblings.


    Umesh Chandra studied in Hyderabad Public School until grade 12. He was a bright, studious lad who was well liked by his classmates as well as his teachers. His second grade photograph is shown below.


    His paternal grandfather Sri Chadalavada Umamaheshwara Rao was the leader of Justice Party of India, and served the society selflessly. After hearing many stories about his grandfather, Umesh Chandra imbibed the same ideals of service which he exhibited and espoused abundantly in his career as a police officer. 

    Also being the eldest grandson of Sri Tummala Jaganmohan Rao, he was lavishly showered with love and affection by his grandparents, aunts and uncles. Umesh Chandra imbibed the same attitude and showered great love and affection on his sister, brother and cousins. He showed respect towards his elders and affection towards all.

    The following photograph shows Umesh Chandra with his brother Satish Chandra (right) and sister Kavita.


    The following photograph shows Umesh Chandra at age 5. 


    The following photograph shows Umesh Chandra with his brother Satish Chandra. 


      Umesh Chandra's High School, College and University Days

      Intelligence and Hardwork => Top Honours.

      Umesh Chandra set sights on a service-oriented career very early in his schooling. Even before he was a teenager, by the age of 11, he aimed to be Indian Civil Services officer. He decided not to pursue studies leading to the more lucrative fields of engineering or accounting as he was firm in his resolve to serve his state and country.

      At this young age of 11, he used to read Indian epics and history books usually meant for people much older.

      He graduated high school from Hyderabad Public School with top honours, securing gold medals in Statistics, Economics and Telugu. He also recognized the need for a diverse set of interests and took arts and painting classes. The following photograph shows Umesh Chandra receiving a gold medal from Late Sri. N. T. Rama Rao, the then Chief Minister of the state.


      Umesh Chandra did his B.A in mathematics, economics and statistics from Nizam College, Osmania University. He graduated with top honours, receiving the University gold medal for being first in his group of subjects. The following photograph is from his B.A period.


      Umesh Chandra did his M.A in economics from the Arts College, Osmania University. He again graduated with top honours, receiving gold medals in economics and mathematics and university gold medal for being first in the university. The following photograph shows Umesh Chandra with his family just before the convocation.


      The following photograph shows Umesh Chandra with his classmates during the convocation.


      The following photograph shows Umesh Chandra receiving the gold medals from the Sri. Krishna Kant, Governor of Andhra Pradesh.


      Umesh Chandra and his family visit Agra during his trip to New Delhi for the Civil Services interview.


        Umesh Chandra in Warangal

        Umesh Chandra started his training as A.S.P in Warangal under the guidance of Mr. Gautam Sawang, the then S.P. Warangal.

        Even as a trainee, he planned and participated in several operations againsts the naxalites. He was involved in several exchanges of gunfire with many naxalite "dalams". He apprehended and successfully converted several violent and hard-core naxalites.

        As a result of his actions, he gained admiration and loyalty of his subordinates during this training period. This converted later to adoration and affection. He took great care of all his police subordinates.

        After training, he was posted back in Warangal district as A.S.P. rural. He continued his war on the naxalite gangs with daring and panache. The highly successful public awareness campaign entitled "Jana Jaagruti", to counter the naxal propaganda was Umesh Chandra's brainchild. This innovative project immensely helped the police in educating the common folk, and gaining their trust. The people no longer looked upon the police as hindrances, but as partners in the betterment of society.

        This project aroused  patriotic feelings among the police and built great self-confidence amongst them. As a result they became a very efficient force, yet were humane in their dealings with the people.


        Umesh Chandra in his office


        Umesh Chandra at Gangadhar Memorial Cricket Tournament


        Umesh Chandra presenting awards at Gangadhar Memorial Cricket Tournament


        Umesh Chandra at farewell for S.P. Gautam Sawang


        Umesh Chandra with his staff


        After a brief stint in Pulivendla, Cuddapah district, Umesh Chandra returned to Warangal as Officer on Special Duty. With the cooperation of the then S.P of Warangal Sudeep Laktakia, Umesh Chandra intensified his operations on naxalites, thereby becoming a prime target.

        Umesh Chandra was able to see the "Jana Jaagruti" programme yield positive results. The people became bold enough to assist the police in dealing with naxalites and anti-social elements. This strategies in combatting naxalism started yielding better results.

        The level of confidence amongst people and police in Umesh Chandra rose to a new high. Even members of naxalite gangs approached Umesh Chandra and helped combat naxalism by informing on the various activities of naxal gangs.


          Umesh Chandra in Cuddapah

          Before returning to Cuddapah as Superintendent of Police, Umesh Chandra had a brief stint as A.S.P Pulivendala from November 1, 1994 to February 2, 1995. Pulivendala region was a violent and faction-ridden area. Recognizing Umesh Chandra's qualities and capabilities, the government chose him to bring order to this chaotic region.

          This region was rife with gambling centers actively supported by various corrupt and vested interests. Within days of taking charge, Umesh Chandra raided several gambling centers and arrested many prominent citizens, including doctors, lawyers and politicians. This move led to protests from leaders belonging to all major political parties.


          Undetered, Umesh Chandra carried on. Next he targetted several killers for hire. Umesh Chandra captured several violent killers, while the remaining fled the district.


          Umesh Chandra visited several villages and quieted many factional feuds. He made all the feuding families see the futility of wasting time, money, resources on feuds which lead to bloodshed and destruction. He made them see that the corrupt and vested interests of the region were using these feuds to further their own selfish interests.

          For the first time in the history of Rayachoti constituency, elections there were conducted peacefully without violence, murders or pollbooth capturing. There was no need for repolling. This event marked the beginning of a new era in the political history of this region.



          Umesh Chandra returned to Cuddapah district as the Superintendent of Police in June 1995. The situation in Cuddapah mirrored the state of Pulivendala region before Umesh Chandra cleaned it up.

          Umesh Chandra made extensive arrangements for the Mandal elections that immediately followed his arrival. He was responsible for an incident-free panchayat elections. This is yet another case of a historic election event.

          Parliament elections were next. His imaginative handling of anti-social elements, use of Jana Jaagruti troupes and deployment of police forces lead to a very high turnout of voters and a peaceful poll. He received praise from all walks of life for his immaculate planning of the elections. The lack of poll-booth grabbing and rigging surprised politicial parties and the common man alike.

          Umesh Chandra did the same in the entire district to hard-core and violent criminals and paid assassins as he did in Pulivendala.

          He asked the police officers and constables to interact with the people on a one-on-one basis. The idea was that the police will now be hesitant to take bribes. After discussing with every police officer and constable, Umesh Chandra brought about a consensus that no police officer, constable or home guard in the district will take even a single rupee from anyone for any help rendered. The entire police force working with him voluntarily took an oath to this effect. In turn, Umesh Chandra helped every policeman in need in what ever way possible.

          Cuddapah had always been a highly faction-ridden district. Faction leaders had their own armies and armories containing the latest weapons. The faction leaders wielded significant political influence, as a result of which earlier officials did not dare touch them.

          Umesh Chandra meticulously complied a long list of placed to be raided for the capture of arms. His raids surprised several factions resulting in

          • the capture of almost all the arms in the district, and

          • a voluntary surrender of arms by many faction leaders.


          Umesh Chandra's actions resulted in a drastic reduction in faction fights. The ensuing peace was felt by the common man as well as the factions. For the first times since the independence of this nation, Cuddapah was peaceful.

          Before Umesh Chandra took over, women could not move freely after dark. The net effect of Umesh Chandra's efforts made it possible for women folk to move around freely during night and perhaps take in a late-night movie. The common man was relieved of victimization by the local political and factional leaders.

          Umesh Chandra also took care of the police officers and constables working with him. He instituted a number of welfare measures. Some of these measures include

          • providing cooking gas connections

          • installing drinking water facilities

          • installing street lights

          • laying down paved roads

          • providing proper medical facilities and access to medical staff

          Umesh Chandra was the first to reach the remote areas with essential commodities and health care teams when floods ravaged the Cuddapah district. The police force contributed a portion of their pay towards the relief fund. Leaders of all parties, from all sections of the community praised Umesh Chandra's work and attitude. 

          People of Cuddapah district started to adore Umesh Chandra as God. People started calling him "devudu" because of the protection and peace they enjoyed during his tenure. Many letters and poems written to and on him testify to this fact.

          From the moment he took charge in the district, corrupt and vested interests clamoured for his transfer. After two years of exemplary work, the government transferred him to Karimnagar which was resented by both people and police of the district. But this was inevitable as it is normal for the government to transfer the top officials after 2-3 years.

          The common man and the police alike agitated against this transfer. People and police of Cuddapah stopped their agitation only after Umesh Chandra threatened to resign if they did not stop their agitation.


          Umesh Chandra was given a farewell of a lifetime. He was felicitated in Proddutur, Pulivendala and Rayachoti. His felicitation function in Cuddapah was the high point of the four farewell functions. He was taken in a procession through the main streets of Cuddapah city in a chariot be-decked with flowers. The people sang songs in his praise, extolled his virtues and thanked him profusely, all the time saying that what Umesh Chandra accomplished could not be adequately thanked. When Umesh Chandra left Cuddapah, thousands lined up to say good bye, not one had a dry eye.

          Video clips, newspaper clips and photographs of this grand occasion are only to be seen and read to understand the feelings of the people and police of Cuddapah.





            Umesh Chandra in Karimnagar

            Umesh Chandra served in Karimnagar from June 1997 to April 1998. This district had the most number of active naxalite gangs. Normal life was but a dream. Corrupt and vested interests worked hand-in-glove with the naxalites in exploiting the hard-working, honest and law-abiding citizens of this district.

            On the naxalite front Umesh Chandra started planning and executing covert operations with meticulous detail. He put together a close well-knit group of officers and constables that he could trust to get the job done. His reputation of a fair, yet strict administrator helped convince several naxalites to surrender.


            Umesh Chandra initiated a special strategy to use many of the disgruntled naxalites to launch cleanup operations against several top naxalite leaders. All his operations were highly sensational as they lead to the capture or death of the top leaders of the naxal movement. Many police officials opine that Umesh Chandra achieved in 10 months what earlier police chiefs could not in the past decade.


            Umesh Chandra's naxal operations in the district essentially broke the back of naxalism in Karimnagar district. These highly successful operations also convinced several dozen naxalites to give up violence and join the mainstream society.


            Umesh Chandra also launched investigations and operations against fraudulent finance companies. These companies had the backing of local political leaders. Umesh Chandra's operations resulted in the closure of these highly lucrative finance companies. As a result the political leadership of the district resented Umesh Chandra for his honesty and integrity.


            As was the case with Cuddapah, elections in Karimnagar were peaceful with heavy voter turnout. The return of hard-earned money to people and the prevailing of peace in the district was highly appreciated by one and all, except the corrupt and vested interests who no longer could cheat the common man.

            The disgruntled elements brought political pressure on the government and got Umesh Chandra transferred. After Umesh Chandra handed over his charge to the S.P replacing him, the people and the police protested this action by the government. This lead to allegations that public property was damaged by the police, when they gave vent to their anger.

            Given that Umesh Chandra was not the S.P of Karimnagar, he was blamed for the ensuing unrest. A lot of hue and cry was raised in the state assembly, leading to Umesh Chandra's unjust, unwarranted suspension. A subsequent judicial enquiry exonerated Umesh Chandra and the district police of instigating violence, and all other charges.

            As a disciplined officer Umesh Chandra bore this insult with stoicism. He resumed his duties as A.I.G when the suspension was revoked. He was moved to Hyderabad with the charge of welfare and sports.


              Umesh Chandra in Hyderabad

              Umesh Chandra started his next assignment in November 1998 after being unjustly suspended for the maximum possible period of six months. Umesh Chandra took over the post of A.I.G Sports and Welfare. For someone who was accustomed to dealing with and solving peoples problems on an continuous basis, this assignment was found to be insipid and dull by Umesh Chandra. He was kept idle, no work was assigned to him, no files were sent to him. This attitude of his senior police officials caused Umesh Chandra great mental agony. He  contemplated resigning from the police force on several occasions.

              When the additional charge of computer center management was entrusted to Umesh Chandra, he regained some of his enthusiasm and brought up a fully functional networked computer center in a short span of three months. He surprised the top police brass by making everything ready in a record time, just in time for the elections. He initiated and directed the development of a website and associated software that managed police logistics for the then elections. He also took care of the staff in the computer center by providing them with a state-of-the-art kitchen and dining hall.


              Umesh Chandra had been near the top of the hit list of naxalites from very early in his career. Not only was Umesh Chandra deprived of work, but he was also not provided adequate security cover and suitable transportation that is due someone who has worked in naxal sensitive areas. Umesh Chandra paid for the only gunman out of his own pocket.

              Umesh Chandra's lack of security emboldened the naxalites to target him. This situation was a result of the insecurities and jealousies of the top police officials. These officials operated within a system that could not deal with a person of Umesh Chandra's stellar capabilities and efficiency

                Umesh Chandra: Martyr and Legend

                The Tragedy and its aftermath

                Umesh Chandra was assassinated on September 4, 1999 when he stopped at a traffic light. Four naxalites opened fire on him, his driver and his gunman. His driver and gunman were killed immediately as they were shot at point blank range.

                Incidentally, on that particular day he did not carry his weapon (handgun). However, his love for his men was so overpowering that he did not think for his safety even for a second. While chasing a couple of the naxalites, the naxalites sensed that he did not carry a weapon and turned back and fired at him twice. Umesh Chandra then collapsed on the road, at which point they shot him point blank.

                Everyone in the entire state, irrespective of age, shed tears over this ghastly event. Hundreds of thousands of people from the other districts of the state converged to Hyderabad to pay their respects to a daring, brave warrior who refused to compromise on his principles.

                Every police officer who worked with Umesh Chandra allegedly questioned their superiors why Umesh Chandra was not provided with adequate police protection. Many policemen expressed anger at the top police brass. Even the common man was disgusted with the attitude of the police brass.

                The top police officials only made lame excuses at the event. In fact, they were the main reason why security was not accorded to Umesh Chandra. Even though they knew that Umesh Chandra was more successful in dealing with naxalites than all of them combined, and therefore was a prime target, they refused to provide Umesh Chandra with the necessary security force warranted any one with Umesh Chandra's record on the naxal front.

                This event naturally created a good deal of sympathy for Umesh Chandra. A number of police officers and constables who worked with Umesh Chandra wanted to come and pay respects to Umesh Chandra. Even in this situation, the top police brass were jealous of Umesh Chandra. They issued a directive that these police officials must not travel to Hyderabad to pay respects to their leader. In spite of such directives, hundreds of policemen attended the funeral and risked facing the wrath of their officers.

                The aftermath:

                To honour their association with Umesh Chandra, several police divisions and peoples associations started a number of activities such as

                • sports meets

                • cricket matches

                • poor feeding

                • water camps during the summer

                • supplying snacks to patients in hospitals by voluntary service associations

                Several songs were composed in his honour.

                People have started adorning their walls with Umesh Chandra's photographs. When one visits any home in the Cuddapah district, one will find a garlanded photograph of Umesh Chandra. The same holds to for every police station in the entire state of Andhra Pradesh. It is no wonder he became immortal, in the minds of people and the police force. 

                  Readers' Views on Umesh Chandra

                  We thank all the readers who have sent comments. The website maintainers appreciate the positive feedback, more so all the errors caught by the readers. However, we will only be publishing messages written about Umesh Chandra. Folks, please keep the comments coming.

                  We will only publish the message and the name of the writer on this website. All email and postal addresses will be stripped. If you so chose, your name will not be published as well.

                  The following messages were received by us on Umesh Chandra.

                  Former classmate at HPS, Vinai Kolli writes to Purnachandra:

                  Is this the way we treat our heroes?

                  Not everyday does a person walk in and decide to lay down his life for the love of his duty towards the community. Needless to say, we are honored and fortunate enough to know such a person in our life time and he is nobody else other than Umesh Chandra. Umesh was a person who got a kick in his life by laying it out all, who never had second thoughts about his goal. His goal was to make a difference. This by no means an ordinary goal. This goal requires one to have a tremendous amount of mental and physical grit. Great are those individuals who have achieved this goal. Even greater are those mothers who nurture this spirit. It takes an extraordinary amount of courage to raise a child with such ideals and keep him focussed on those ideals. As a society it is our minimum responsibility to safe guard and encourage such highly spirited individuals.

                  It took just 33 years for Umesh Chandra to raise to such a level. We as a society have failed Umesh Chandra. Failure on our side is just an under statement. Umesh chandra was transferred out Karimnagar for no fault of his own, to a position within the city of Hyderabad, where his security was totally compromised. This gave the bad elements pretty much, an open target. Umesh Chandra fell pray to a planned assassination and a cowardly act by the same bad elements who feared him when he was the SP in Karimnagar. Transferring him out of Karimnagar due to political reasons has incapacitated him to perform at his best. Though he considered resignation at that juncture in his life he stayed committed to his work primarily due to his higher goal of making a difference. In fact he gave us a second chance by not resigning, even after being put through such a humiliating experience by our politicians.

                  Here is a person who laid his life for us and made our world a better place to live, and we as a society don't even provide him with security to protect his life. We lost Umesh chandra today primarily due to criminal negligence and total apathy towards his security needs. How can we justify ourselves and sleep well every night after we have failed him so miserably. Putting it rather bluntly today we have Umesh's blood on all our hands.

                  It is just not Umesh Chandra who got killed, we executed the whole spirit of being able to make a difference. What is the message we are sending to those Heroes in the making? Should we tell them, "Your effort is not appreciated in our society". What are we conveying those who have the passion to make this world a better place to live? How can we be so callous and turn a blind eye to these jewels of our society on whom we depend upon so much?

                  Yes, we are indeed embracing technology and modernizing as fast as we can but how can we quantify that as progress, when there is no guarantee that even police officers are safe in the streets of Hyderabad. We are just trying to build a house without laying the foundation. What is the message that we are sending these bad elements? Are we telling them that yes it is OK for them to inflict terror and they can get away?


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