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Diadems of Desth

Illustration: Tony Smith | Photo Credit:  08dmc_down memory lane R. V. Smith NEW DELHI:  08 NOVEMBER 2010 18:43 IST UPDATED: 08 NOVEMBER 2010 18:43 IST         Though monarchs of Delhi, these rulers could not be masters of their own fate “ Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown,” is an old saying and, what is worse is that kings, queens, princes and princesses were all at risk of meeting a violent end from scheming rivals . It is interesting to note that the first Sultan of Delhi Mohammad Ghori was murdered in 1206 while on his way to Ghazni after suppressing the Khokhar rebellion by a fanatical member of the Mulahida sect. His viceroy and successor, Qutbuddin Aibak, then died in a fall from his horse while playing chowgan (a game akin to polo). Aram Shah, his son, was defeated and deposed by Iltutmish, who had been purchased as a slave by Qutbuddin (himself a slave of Ghori). After Iltutmish's death his daughter Razia Sultan came to the throne in 1236, but in 1240 she and her

Subhrak, Horse which killed Qutbuddin Aibak

  Booksfact Youtube Channel Subhhrak (शुभ्रक) is a less known loyal horse in Indian history. It was owned by Karna Singh, the King of Chittorgarh. Quṭb al-Dīn Aibak also spelt  Quṭb ud-Dīn Aibak  or  Qutub ud-Din Aybak  (1150–1210 CE), was the founder of the Mamluk dynasty and the first sultan of the Delhi Sultanate. He was born to Turkic parents in  Turkistan . In his childhood, Aibak was sold as a slave and raised at Nishapur, Persia, where he was purchased by the local Qazi. After death of his master, he was sold by his master’s son and eventually became a slave of Muhammad of Ghor who made him the  Amir-i-Akhur , the Master of Slaves. He was appointed to military command and became an able general of Muhammad of Ghor. Around 1170 CE, young princess Kurma Devi daughter of  Nayaki Devi  (Regent Queen of Gujarat) was wedded to Samar Singh Deva, the Rawal of Chittorgarh. Samar Singh was a Chauhan Rajput, a descendant of the legendary Bappa Rawal. Kurma Devi (misspelled as Kuramdevi or

Education and Employment Should Be One System, Not Two ESSAY January 7, 2020 Photo by YinYang/Getty Images It's 2020, but too many American workers still aren't getting the education and training they need to compete in the 21st century. Something's not working here, and it's not just the few million people struggling to find jobs. A new RAND  report  argues it's our entire system of educating and employing people, from their first day at school to their last day on the job. We are preparing workers for a labor market that no longer exists, researchers concluded, and then sending them flat-footed into a world of dizzying change. What would it take to fix that? To answer that question, the researchers asked another: What if we just scrapped everything and started over? What would we want the American education and labor system to look like if we built it from scratch? A good education, reformer John Dewey once proposed, is one that helps young people develop “in an orderly, sequential way into members of society

A multilateral alternative, by Asia

The Hindu, A multilateral alternative, by Asia Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto Mukul Sanwal 09 JANUARY 2020 00:02 IST UPDATED: 08 JANUARY 2020 23:50 IST         The contours of the new order, with India and China as key players, should not be seen through a western prism After a gap of 200 years, Asian economies are again larger than the rest of the world’s combined. As India and China resolve their border dispute, Asia is providing the multilateral alternative to a world divided by values, and no longer by ideology. The phrase ‘Asian Century’ is said to have arisen in the 1988 meeting between Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping and former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, re-establishing relations after the India-China border conflict in 1962. It responds to the re-emergence of the two countries, leveraging size and technological competence to shape a new order that reflects their civilisational values which are distinct from those of the West. The travails of the West, for example, stagna

New division being set up in Balochistan

Dawn, Pakistan THE NEWSPAPER'S STAFF CORRESPONDENT QUETTA: The Balochistan government has decided to create a new division and more districts on the basis of population and area in Quetta, Pishin and Qila Abdullah districts and constituted a committee to draw up a report within 15 days for the purpose. It was decided at a meeting presided over by Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan Alyani on Wednesday. Another suggestion for creating more districts was discussed and it was decided to create at least three more districts

Iran will welcome any peace move from India: Iranian Envoy

DIPANJAN ROY CHAUDHURY ET Bureau |  Updated: Jan 9, 2020, 07.41 AM IST US-Iran tension: 'We are looking for peace', says Iranian Envoy NEW DELHI:  Iran  will welcome any peace initiative from India for de-escalating tensions in west Asia following the assassination of General  Qasem Soleimani , Iranian ambassador Ali Chegeni has said. His remarks came hours after Iran launched missile strikes against two US military bases in  Iraq  in retaliation.  “India usually plays a very good role in peace in the world. At the same time India belongs to this region. We welcome all initiatives from all countries, especially India as a good friend for us, to not allow escalation (of tensions),” Chegeni told a select group of reporters after a condolence meeting for Soleimani held in New Delhi on Wednesday.  “We are not for war, we are looking for peace and prosperity for everybody in this region. We welcome any Indian initiative or any project that can help peace and prosperity in this world