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Franz Jägerstätter: Conscientious Objector Ryan McMaken Last month, Fox Searchlight Productions released Terrence Malick's new film  A Hidden Life , about Austrian conscientious objector Franz Jägerstätter. Jägerstätter was executed in 1943 for refusing to fight for the German state. Malick's film portrays the effects of this act of resistance, especially the devastating effects on Jägerstätter's wife and his children. It is an important film which shows the real-life implications of resisting the state in a totalitarian world. The film shows us the great difficulty of holding to one's principles in the face of draconian and violent punishment heaped upon those who refuse to participate in the state's designs. Unfortunately, the film's subtlety and focus on the emotional states of the protagonists left many reviewers wondering what Jägerstätter's motivations really were. One reviewer thought the movie was really about today's politics, declaring the movie to be " a warning for 2019

Public Diplomacy Explained: What it Means and Why it Matters

  19 February 2017     The Editorial Team  place brand theory What is public diplomacy ? And what does it have to do with  nation branding ? For public diplomats and political communication experts, the answer might be obvious. But since public diplomacy is becoming increasingly important for cities and regions, not just nation-states, we thought it would be a good idea to find out about latest thinking on the topic. So we invited  Nick Cull , Professor of Public Diplomacy at University of Southern California, Annenberg , to share his thoughts. Here’s what Professor Cull had to say about the  purpose and importance of public diplomacy in the 21st century . Nick, what is public diplomacy (PD) about? I argue that public diplomacy begins with  listening  and tell my students that the point is not to advance the independence on one country through public diplomacy, but to build an awareness of our mutual interdependence in an interconnected world, and to work for a common good. States have

#talkingalotwiththepeopledoingtheactualwork Martin Boisen Researcher Profile Martin Boisen  (Copenhagen, 1981) is a Lecturer in Human Geography & Planning at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. He graduated cum laude from Utrecht University in 2007, and has since manifested himself as both a scholar, a lecturer and an advisor in the field. As a scholar, Martin has mainly studied why and how place marketing and place branding originated and evolved as managerial and professional disciplines in North-western Europe, and how this relates to our general understanding of place management and place governance. On a more fundamental level, Martin is interested in the processes wherein people make places out of spaces by attributing meaning to them, and how these meanings are re-negotiated over time. Martin is the owner of the advisory  For the Love of Place , and the Vice-chairman of  The International Place Branding Association . Which topics linked to place branding are you most passionate about,

Huawei secures most 5G contracts around world

2020-02-22 China Daily Editor:Feng Shuang Huawei Technologies Co has secured its position as the most sought-after 5G telecom equipment supplier, despite the US government's intensified push to contain the Chinese technology giant on the geopolitical, legal and technological front lines. Among the 91 commercial 5G contracts Huawei has inked, the largest number by any telecom gear maker so far, more than half are from Europe, where Washington has spared no effort to dissuade its allies from using the company in their 5G systems. Analysts said the steadily growing contracts show that Huawei has won the trust of more foreign telecom operators with its technological prowess, and Washington's groundless security accusations have failed to convince even some of its closest allies. Ding Yun, president of Huawei's carrier business group, said at a launch event in London on Thursday that the company's 91 commercial 5G contracts is an increase of nearly 30 from last year. That is

What We, the Taliban, Want

New York Times I am convinced that the killing and the maiming must stop, the deputy leader of the Taliban writes. By  Sirajuddin Haqqani Mr. Haqqani is the deputy leader of the Taliban. Feb. 20, 2020 A man waving an Afghan flag during an Independence Day celebration in Kabul in 2019. Credit... Rafiq Maqbool/Associated Press Share on Facebook Post on Twitter Mail When our representatives started negotiating with the United States in 2018, our confidence that the talks would yield results was close to zero. We did not trust American intentions after 18 years of war and several previous attempts at negotiation that had proved futile. Nevertheless, we decided to try once more. The long war has exacted a terrible cost from everyone. We thought it unwise to dismiss any potential opportunity for peace no matter how meager the prospects of its success. For more than four decades, precious Afghan lives have been lost every day. Everyone has lost somebody they loved. Everyone is tired of war. I

Return of the Golden Bird?

NATION By IndSamachar Posted on   22/02/2020   COMMENTS Ancient India was famous around the world as the land of gold with the kingdoms of India having vast stores of the precious metal having acquired it mostly via trade. That said India had its gold Mines as well with the mines at Kolar & Hatti in Karnataka verified as being in operation from the Indus valley & Ashokan era. These gold mines have pretty much turned defunct now after millennia of mining and simply do not fulfil even the domestic needs OF India today. That said the mining of gold in India look to return to the center stage now with the discovery of 3350 tonnes of Gold reserves in the Sonbhadra district of Uttar Pradesh. Once properly exploited this mine will turn India into the World’s biggest gold miner leapfrogging China which has reserves of 2000 tonnes. In fact India today does not rank among the top fifteen Gold producing nations, Sonbhadra has the potential to take us to the very top. Gold is particularly

Pseudo-Caliphate and India

Pseudo-Caliphate and India Tuesday, 18 February 2020  |  Sandhya Jai n Daily Pioneer By throwing his weight behind Islamabad on the Kashmir issue, Erdogan unambiguously signalled his intention to emerge as the imam of the new Caliphate he hopes to lead Even if we overlook the facts about which nation is “occupying” Kashmir, by stating that there is “no difference between Gallipoli and occupied Kashmir”, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan unambiguously signalled his intention to emerge as the “imam” of the new (pseudo) Caliphate he hopes to lead by 2023, the centenary of the Turkish Republic. Addressing a joint session of Pakistan’s Parliament (February 14), he lauded sacrifices made by it in the war on terror and the “positive contributions” it made to the Afghanistan peace process and promised support during the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) meet in Paris (February 16-21, 2020). His denunciation of US President Donald Trump’s Mideast plan hints at an eventual challenge to Riy

Science, espionage and paranoia in US-China relations Photo: AFP/Scott Olson/Getty Imagesby Kit Gillet A new book details an unusual FBI investigation into a theft of corn seeds, the US and China’s fight over industrial secrets and the cost of American paranoia. A smartly dressed Chinese man was spotted in a field in rural Iowa, in the United States, in autumn 2011. This was enough to raise suspicion in a community that was 97% white and the local police went to check it out. Thus began perhaps one of the stranger cases of industrial espionage in recent years, one that highlights the threat of industrial theft and the overblown  atmosphere of fear and mistrust  that exists between the United States and China over  intellectual property  and  trade . The field in question was planted with genetically modified seed lines developed by agricultural giant Monsanto, a company that guards its intellectual property – like hybrid seeds and fertilizer – with great secrecy, determination and, when necessary, aggressive lawsuits. The