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INDIA: Problem and Solution to Current crisis

📌The  problem  in India is that  to heard  one has to have a US Degree or Family background. And there are many Family plus US Degree Wallahs. No room for outsiders. It's easy to say "Let the system rot". Modi was an outsider but US MBAs has his ears. 📌 Solution is Modi himself. He still enjoys enormous political capital. I still strongly believe he can put the genie back. But he needs people who can honestly tell him alternatives. He was brought to power for some purpose and he got distracted by street brawls. Its late, but not yet too late to subtly change the course.

China to strengthen communication with Italy in fighting COVID

China is ready to strengthen communication with Italy in professional fields in the fight against COVID-19, said Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Friday. In a phone conversation with Italian foreign minister Luigi Di Maio, Wang said that currently, many countries in the world are struggling to fight COVID-19, the common enemy of mankind, calling for joint efforts of the international community to deal with the virus. Wang appreciated the friendship and support from all walks of life in Italy to China since the outbreak of the epidemic, which China will bear in mind. So far, China has been in the forefront of the epidemic, Wang said, adding that through arduous efforts, the epidemic situation across the country is under effective control. Speaking highly of China's prevention and control measures after an inspection, World Health Organization team of experts said it believes that China has taken unprecedented measures nationwide not only to control the spread

Delhi riots ground report: Women from Chand Bagh say ‘rioters took off our girl’s clothes, sent them back naked’ केशव मालान   On February 28, 2020 Residents peaking from one of the closed gates of a lane The fear of the anti-Hindu riots that gripped East Delhi is still visible on the faces of the Hindus staying in the riot-affected areas. While some sort of normalcy has returned, when moves from the drain towards Karaval Nagar, Hindus, staring at the close door of the lane still express great fear. This is the area where Tahir Hussain’s building has emerged as one of the epicentres of the riots. In Tahir Hussain’s building, Islamists had mercilessly murdered Ankit Sharma, a young IB official, who died with 400 knife gashes, his intestines torn apart and was then discarded in the drain. OpIndia reporters spotted one such closed gate to a lane. From the other side of the gate, dozens of scared Hindus looked on – they saw the Media trying to report and the police going about their job of investigating the scene. About 50 metres away from the building belonging to Tahir Hussain, where the

China tests intimidatory tactics across Europe

MERICS, Berlin Chinese embassies in Europe are continuing to use aggressive tactics in an attempt to marginalize dissenting voices. Recent cases in the Czech Republic and Estonia highlight how the trend shows no signs of letting up. Last week it was revealed that the Chinese embassy in the Czech Republic  threatened Czech economic interests  in retaliation for a planned visit to Taiwan by the then Chairman of the Senate, Jaroslav Kubera (now deceased). A letter from the Chinese embassy to the Czech Presidential office mentioned the implications this could have on Czech companies including Škoda Auto, Home Credit Group, Klavíry Petrof and others. Meanwhile, in Estonia, the Chinese embassy has  publicly criticized  the country’s foreign intelligence agency over its depiction of China in a report covering security threats. The embassy said the report was characterized by “ignorance, prejudice as well as the cold war mindset” and  demanded that the agency correct  its “wrong expressions”. 

How police managed to wrest back control over law and order in northeast Delhi

How police managed to wrest back control over law and order in northeast Delhi TNN  |  Updated: Feb 28, 2020, 11:25 IST NEW DELHI: Till Tuesday afternoon, there were no signs that the violence in northeast Delhi would come to an end any time soon. Police had evidently failed in stopping the rioters from wreaking havoc and the morale of the force seemed to have hit rock bottom with severe criticism coming from all sides. However, Delhi Police bounced back and regained control of the law and order situation in less than 24 hours. While National Security Advisor Ajit Doval was tasked to ensure that peace returns to the region, special DG (CRPF) SN Shrivastava was given the order to join as the law and order chief immediately. The fresh guard remained on the ground for over 20 hours to fulfil the purpose. READ MORE FROM TOI+ Legal experts and rights’ groups feel women across the country will find themselves facing disadvantages if they have to prove they are citizens of the country More ca

Delhi riots: Ankit Sharma was stabbed over 400 times for four to six hours, ‘never seen such mutilation in our life,’ say forensic doctors

Delhi riots: Ankit Sharma was stabbed over 400 times for four to six hours, ‘never seen such mutilation in our life,’ say forensic doctors An FIR has been registered against AAP leader Tahir Hussain under section 302(a) of the IPC for the murder of Ankit Sharma, on a complaint filed by Ankit's family.    OPINDIA STAFF FEBRUARY 27, 2020 Engagements 86049 The dead body of slain Intelligence Bureau constable Ankit Sharma was  recovered  from a ditch in Chand Bagh. His body was then sent for autopsy by the authorities. The autopsy report has now come in and it has revealed the horrific brutality that was inflicted on him before his body was dumped in a ditch behind the house of AAP leader Tahir Hussain. The autopsy report says that Ankit Sharma was stabbed over 400 times, and his body has been mutilated beyond belief. He has stab wounds all over his body and not even a single portion of it was spared. He was stabbed for hours, four to six hours, by possibly as many as six individuals t

India: Present scenario

An excellent post in the Present scenario... If you criticize me,  it's your freedom of speech If I criticize you,  it's my Intolerance . If you judge me,  you are Enlightened If I judge you,  I am Prejudiced . If you question my faith,  then you are Secular If I question your faith,  then I am Communal . If you defend yourself,  it's because you are a Victim If I defend myself,  it's because I am violent.  . If you pen your thoughts,  it's Revolutionary If I pen my thoughts,  it's Provocation . If you march,  it's a Protest If I march,  it's a Mob . If you lodge a complaint,  you r following the Course of Law If I lodge a complaint,  I am Misusing the Law . Now one has to identify who is I and who is you....

What makes a city popular with digital nomads? Written by  Alex Beeching | UK on April 10, 2019 It is often said that superfast broadband makes geography irrelevant for digital nomads. But I am here to tell you that’s not the case. Geography matters. It’s probably true that the single most important prerequisite to working remotely is a reliable, high-speed internet connection but there are plenty of other factors to consider. For a start, you must take into account the cost of living. Then there’s culture, climate, crime levels, civil liberties, the local language and the beauty of your surroundings, both man-made and natural. Air quality might be important to many of you, and some people value easy access to the beach or mountains. Is Canggu on your radar? When we start taking all of these factors into account, it becomes clear that some locations lend themselves to a rootless way of life more than others. Bali, for instance. According to Nomad List— a database of 2,113+ places —  Canggu in Bali, Indonesia  

Q&A: Place Branding & Destination Marketing Place Branding FAQ   Q: What is the place branding process like? A:  Branding a place, whether it is a small village or a whole country, is probably the most complicated form of branding due to the fact that it is neither owned nor controlled by a single entity. From destination marketing and tourism to business development for place brands, everyone living within that area owns and influences the brand in one way or the other. And more often than not, many of the major stakeholders do not agree on what to do or how to do it. That is why the branding process is so important in place branding and  destination branding and marketing. UP has designed a place branding process specifically to meet those challenges and bring the individual strategies and agendas to a consensus with a single brand image. This process covers some of the following areas: 1. Deep dive.  As the first step in place marketing, our consultants spend a couple of intensive days  understanding

AAP convenor who referred to murdered IB official Ankit Sharma as ‘thulla’ kicked out of party

In a status update, referring to Sharma as a ‘thulla’, Panghaal said, "So a thulla called Ankit Sharma was found in the gutter today. Somehow I can't feel sorry for any dead thulla so spare me the elegy."   OPINDIA STAFF FEBRUARY 27, 2020 AAP leader Mayur Panghaal who referred to murdered IB officer as 'thulla' Engagements 1512 The Aam Aadmi Party has now suspended one of its leader Mayur Panghaal for making derogatory remarks against the brutal murder of Intelligence Bureau official Ankit Sharma. He had referred to him as ‘thulla’ and said that he would never feel sorry for death of a ‘thulla’. Mayur Panghaal’s ‘thulla’ remark on Facebook Following the severe condemnation, the Maharashtra unit of Aam Aadmi Party on Thursday came up with a  Facebook post  stating that Mayur Panghaal was suspended from the party and relieved from all the posts with immediate effect. The AAP Maharashtra called the remarks of Panghaal as ‘callous and provocative’. - Ad - - article re

China’s Threats to Academic Freedom Abroad

Written On  23 December 2019 . Posted In  Briefs . Author:  Editors Fears of China’s growing threat to academic freedom have heightened worldwide. On 30 October, the Belgian authorities denied a residence permit to Song Xinning, former director of the Confucius Institute at the Vrije Universiteit in Brussels, making it impossible for him to return to his job or enter any other country in the Schengen area. Accused of spying for China, Song responded by blaming the Belgian State Security Service for smearing him, and appealed Belgium’s decision. A second scandal erupted in early November in the Czech Republic, when it was revealed that secret payments from China were made to four faculty members at Charles University in Prague. The scandal intensified anxiety that China could leverage its connections with some Czech politicians to deepen its influence in academia. Meanwhile, the British Parliament released a report that showed ‘alarming evidence’ of Chinese interference in British unive