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Andhra Pradesh: Handloom weavers no better than NREGS workers in terms of earnings

Express News Service |   Published: 08th August 2018 05:02 AM     VIJAYAWADA: Though Tuesday was celebrated as National Handloom Day, weavers in the State by large are not happy as several of their demands regarding their occupation are being ignored by both the State and Central governments. It is not just GST on yarn, but there are several other issues that need to be addressed, says T Srinivas Viswanath, general secretary of AP United Weavers Front. He points out that today, a weaver on an average is not able to earn more than Rs 120 to Rs 150 per day, whereas a job card holder under MGNREGA gets not less than Rs 207 per day. “Just this difference shows the pathetic situation of handloom weavers in the State. In the GST regime, handloom sector is facing a dire situation and the weavers are worried about even getting that meagre earnings,” he says. It is not that there is no demand for handloom fabrics. In fact, there is much demand for handloom fabrics not only in the State but also

Pakistan’s new Kashmir map links it to China, fuelling India’s fears of war with both

On paper, the map links Pakistan with Chinese-administered territory and hints at the possibility of coordinated military operations between the two Little evidence exists that such a conflict is in the works, however, and analysts caution the map is driven more by domestic politics Topic |   Pakistan Tom Hussain Published: 6:15pm, 6 Aug, 2020 Why you can trust SCMP Advertisement Pakistan ’s move to unveil  a new political map  reasserting its claim to all of Indian-administered  Kashmir  – minus the parts claimed by  China  – is fuelling New Delhi’s fears of  a two-front conflict with its neighbours , despite a lack of evidence that such a move is in the works. But the release of the map is the latest in a series of conflicts born from cartography which have broken out in the Himalayas since May – from  a deadly scuffle between Indian and Chinese soldiers in mid-June

Trump’s Desperation and the Manufactured China Threat

Strategic Affairs Atul Bhardwaj Inderjeet Parmar Vol. 55, Issue No. 31, 01 Aug, 2020 Atul Bhardwaj ( ) is an honorary research fellow at the Department of International Politics, City, University of London. Inderjeet Parmar ( ) teaches international politics at City, University of London, LSE IDEAS (the LSE’s foreign policy think tank), and is visiting fellow at the Rothermere American Institute at the University of Oxford. Member of the advisory board of INCT-INEU (Brazil’s National Institute of Science and Technology for Studies on the United States). . As Donald Trump faces the possibility of a catastrophic electoral defeat in November 2020, he has constructed an enemy that can be constantly vilified, and whose alleged intentions and actions to end American primacy may generate fear psychosis among American voters and also amon

Abolishing Handloom, Handicraft Boards during COVID-19 crisis is unfortunate, hasty move, reflecting govt's neglect of sectors

Abolishing Handloom, Handicraft Boards during COVID-19 crisis is unfortunate, hasty move, reflecting govt's neglect of sectors The handlooms and handicrafts sector has withstood several crises since the British colonial era and the subsequent neglect of Indian government. The abolition of the All India Handloom Board (AIHB) on 27 July this year, and the All India Handicrafts Board on 4 August, is another instance of this neglect. Macherla Mohan Rao August 08, 2020 16:12:04 IST Handlooms are the second largest employment generating sector in India, next only to agriculture. Around 31.45 lakh weavers’ households and 68.86 lakh artisan households continue to make a living today, due to the support of a civil society which respects the importance of preserving India’s traditional heritage. Handlooms and handicrafts are a source of livelihood for around 32 million people, a majority of them belonging to economically impoverished Backward Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes and Mi

NSAI asks Centre to watch out for Chinese ‘seed terrorism’

Radheshyam Jadhav   Pune | Updated on  August 05, 2020   Published on  August 03, 2020 Says China’s advanced biotechnology could pose a threat to Indian food security The National Seed Association of India (NSAI) wants the Centre to put its agencies on high alert against Chinese seeds penetrating into Indian fields. It has asked the government to have in place adequate plans to deal with the ‘seed terrorism’. While the NSAI has not found any Chinese seeds in the Indian market to date, it has issued an alert on the basis of an International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) warning on the entry of suspicious seeds in the Indian market. Indian biodiversity is fragile and could be overturned with seed contamination, said the association. “Chinese and other international companies have detailed studies of the germplasm and genetic resources in India. In fact, China is studying Indian germplasm and seeds for the last 20-25 years and taking a hybrid parent line back to China. Indian germplasm

The PLA Aggressors: China’s eight top commanders who led Ladakh adventure

The Hindustan Times has put together details of Chinese military commanders involved in the on-going Ladakh stand-off. Many are CCP General Secretary Xi Jinping’s men. With both the Indian Army and PLA locked in a stalemate after the latter’s reluctance to move its troops, the India-China military stand-off may well continue through this winter and beyond.(HT Photo) Intellibriefs Note : After two long months we have finally figured out the key figures on the Chinese side. We are very poorly informed about our main enemy. Updated: Aug 08, 2020 09:18 IST By Shishir Gupta , Hindustan Times, New Delhi An Arabic speaking General with over 20 years of enforcing the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) diktat in Tibet, four Lieutenant Generals and three divisions commanders are currently overseeing the People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) aggression on the 1597-km long  Line of Actual Control bisecting Ladakh  in India and occupied Aksai Chin in China. With both the Indian Army and PLA locked in a sta

India: #GoodOldRead 📍Spy Versus Spy: IPS - RAS

Spy Versus Spy Rival IPS-RAS lobbies lead the agency in an even deeper hole SAIKAT DATTA  (Outlook India), 07 July 2008  Raw's Ripe Discord 🔴 The infighting between IPS and RAS cadre lobbies has ensured lack of professional growth 🔴 Jayadev Ranade, a joint secretary from the RAS cadre, is facing the axe due to differences with his IPS superiors 🔴 IPS lobby has tried to promote its cadre by sidelining the RAS cadre. The RAS, on its part, has tried to repeatedly embarrass its IPS counterparts through selective leaks to the media 🔴 Lack of effective political control and oversight has led to an opaque process giving intelligence officials a free run. V.K. Singh's efforts to expose the corruption came to nought possibly because he trained his sights on IPS cadre Raw forces  🔴There is no financial or administrative accountability, therefore discouraging merit and encouraging lobbies. *** Late last year, senior RAW officials inducted into the agency from the Indi