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PODCAST: Is Nationalism a Force for Good?

From Brexit to “America First,” Modi in India, Erdoğan in Turkey, and Bolsonaro in Brazil, nationalism – or allegiance to a nation-state over other group affiliations – has been on the rise. Now, borders around the world are closed and the coronavirus pandemic is sparking staunch debate about the future of global governance and political identity. The nation-state has been praised for securing the needs of its citizens and serving as the most efficient form of political organization, while also criticized for being insular and inciting anti-immigration policies. Nationalism has been credited for both uniting disparate communities under a common culture and identity, as well as promoting violence based on race and ethnicity. As global problems continue to mount, does the 21st century require international leadership, or is nationalism a force for good? Click to listen Podcast

Dr.A.P.J. అబ్దుల్ కలాం వదిలిపెట్టిన ఆస్తిని అంచనా వేశారు

.  అతను యాజమాన్యంలో ఉన్నారు, దేశ అత్యున్నత స్థానంలో ఉన్నారు. కానీ,  6 ప్యాంటు (2 DRDO యూనిఫాంలు)  4 చొక్కాలు (2 DRDO యూనిఫాంలు)  3 సూట్లు (1 వెస్ట్రన్, 2 ఇండియన్)  2500 పుస్తకాలు  1 ఫ్లాట్ (అతను విరాళం ఇచ్చాడు)  1 పద్మశ్రీ  1 పద్మభూషణ్  1 భారత్ రత్న  16 డాక్టరేట్లు  1 వెబ్‌సైట్  1 ట్విట్టర్ ఖాతా  1 ఇమెయిల్ ఐడి  అతని వద్ద టీవీ, ఎసి, కారు, ఆభరణాలు, షేర్లు, భూమి లేదా బ్యాంక్ బ్యాలెన్స్ లేవు.  అతను తన గ్రామ అభివృద్ధికి గత 8 సంవత్సరాల పింఛను కూడా విరాళంగా ఇచ్చాడు.  అతను నిజమైన దేశభక్తుడు మరియు నిజమైన భారతీయుడు  భారతదేశం ఎప్పటికీ మీకు కృతజ్ఞతలు తెలుపుతుంది సార్.  * మీ స్నేహితులు మరియు ప్రియమైన వారందరూ దీన్ని తప్పకుండా చదవాలని నిర్ధారించుకోండి *  దయచేసి ఆవేశపూరిత పోస్టులో లేక అంబానీ కుమార్తె యొక్క వివాహ వీడియోనో ఫార్వార్డ్ చేయడానికి బదులుగా దీన్ని చదవండి మరియు ఫార్వార్డ్ చేయండి.  🙏🙏🙏

Why Project Hindu Rashtra Is Likely to Fail

Politics There will be an inevitable clash between those pushing a Hindutva ideology and those who want social justice, though they may appear to be in sync for the time being. Aug 13, 2020 | Ajay Gudavarthy         VHP workers at the dharma sabha at Ayodhya in November, 2018. Photo: Reuters German social psychologist Erich Fromm argued that every society at a given point in time manages to build a common `social character` where there is a convergence in behavioural patterns. He says, “It is the function of the social character to shape the energies of the members of society in such a way that their behaviour is not a matter of conscious decision as to whether or not to follow the social pattern, but one of wanting to act as they have to act and at the same time finding gratification in acting according to the requirements of the culture. In other words, it is the social character’s function to mould and channel human energy within a given society for the purpose of the continued func

Will US-brokered agreement between UAE and Israel be a regional gamechanger?

New Atlanticist   by   Atlantic Council US President Donald Trump applauds Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as they appear together at a joint news conference to discuss a new Middle East peace plan proposal in the East Room of the White House in Washington, U.S., January 28, 2020. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid/File Photo A US-brokered deal has seen Israel and the United Arab Emirates normalize relations for the first time in history. According to a  joint statement  by the two countries and the United States, Israel will also “suspend declaring sovereignty over areas outlined in [President Trump’s] Vision for Peace and focus its efforts now on expanding ties with other countries in the Arab and Muslim world.” The agreement will result in the United Arab Emirates officially recognizing Israel as a state, joining just Egypt and Jordan as the only other Arab League nations to do so. The announcement also said that the UAE and Israel would join the United States in a “Strategic A

Brent Scowcroft Was A Man Who Transformed The World

NATIONAL SECURITY Political scientists don't give much weight to great men, instead emphasizing broader structural forces. Scowcroft’s legacy is an affront to this view, for there is little doubt that he left his distinct mark on the world. By  Matthew Kroenig and Jeffrey Cimmino Gen. Brent Scowcroft passed away last week, leaving a legacy of public service that makes him worthy of a place of honor in the American canon of leadership. The late general was a soldier, a scholar, a statesman, a strategist, and a lion of U.S. national security policy. Scowcroft was at the center of the geopolitical transformations in the latter half of the 20th century. With his steady hand, he helped the United States and its allies navigate the fall of the Soviet Union, the breakup of the Warsaw Pact, and the reunification of Germany in the early 1990s. Without Scowcroft, who knows if the Cold War would have ended without a shot fired? As new challenges emerged, Scowcroft helped the United States sha

Soldier, scholar, statesman: Remembering General Brent Scowcroft

New Atlanticist   by   Barry Pavel and Matthew Kroenig Related Experts:  Barry Pavel,   Matthew Kroenig Former US National Security Advisors Brent Scowcroft (L) and Zbigniew Brzezinski (R) appear before the Senate Armed Services Committee in Washington January 21, 2015. REUTERS/Gary Cameron Many have walked the halls of power, but few are deserving of the title of statesman. General Brent Scowcroft, who passed away on August 6, embodied statesmanship and leaves a legacy that will survive his passing to shape US foreign and national security strategy and policy for generations to come. Indeed, the country and the world have lost an historic force for stability and security, a legendary strategist who ended the decades-long Cold War without a shot. Without General Scowcroft’s guidance, the course of history could have been drastically altered. Who knows how the Cold War would have ended without his steady hand helping the United States and its allies navigate the collapse of the Soviet U

Mekong dams will be vexed issue in South-east Asia

Oxford Analytica Thursday, August 13, 2020 Hydropower dams on the Mekong river present both risks and opportunities to mainland South-east Asian states Source: Stimson Center; media reports Outlook The MRC, concerned about low water levels in the Mekong, last week urged the five mainland South-east Asian countries and China to share more data on dam operations. Last month, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam raised concerns about the possible environmental impact of Laos’s planned Luang Prabang dam. Laos, which wants to be the ‘battery of Asia’, will not compromise on its hydropower ambitions, since electricity exports bring in much-needed foreign currency. Its neighbours will meanwhile be keen to keep importing Lao hydroelectricity. China, for its part, will strongly deny that it is causing droughts in South-east Asia by impounding water in its Mekong dams. Impacts The LMC will help impose Beijing’s vision for development of the Mekong region. Lao hydropower projects will continue to recei

Russian Indigenous groups call on Elon Musk not to buy battery metals from Nornickel

Tesla electric car with Nornickel's polluting smelter in the town of Nikel on the Kola Peninsula in the background. Photo: Thomas Nilsen Tesla is a world leader in electric cars, while Nornickel is a global leader in environmental damage. This doesn’t match, claims Aborigen Forum, a network of independent experts, activists and Russian indigenous groups who see their homeland being destroyed by pollution. Read in Russian | Читать по-русски By Thomas Nilsen August 07, 2020 The company that recently made international headlines for causing environmental disasters on the Taimyr Peninsula by spilling 20,000 tons of diesel fuel into a river in the fragile Arctic ecosystems is under increased pressure. In a  letter  to Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, the Aborigen Forum urge him not to buy nickel, copper and other products from Nornickel until the company conducts a full and independent assessment of the environmental damage caused by its production. This week,  The Barents Observer  could tell

Greenland Ice Sheet: Indian-origin scientist to lead drilling project to understand ice sheet bedrock

By:  Bulbul Dhawan Published: August 5, 2020 6:48 PM Through this drilling, the researchers hope to reach the bedrock of the sheet, hoping to unearth the past of the ice sheet in detail. The project is scheduled to last for five years. (Image: Jason Briner, University of Buffalo) Greenland ice sheet melting:  An Indian-origin scientist is all set to lead the project on Greenland Ice Sheet! The rapidly melting Greenland Ice Sheet due to climate change has left the scientists worried, since the sheet has enough ice to increase the water levels by nearly 24 feet. Even a few feet of rise in the water levels is enough to threaten the cities and regions lying on coastal areas. To understand the formation and past of the ice sheet in depth, researchers from Pennsylvania State University, University at Buffalo, University of Massachusetts and Columbia University have come up with a new project to drill through the ice. Through this drilling, the researchers hope to reach the bedrock of the she

The U.S. is launching a comprehensive diplomatic approach in the Arctic region, says top-level official

–  The U.S. Department of State has appointed James DeHart as U.S. Coordinator for the Arctic region. DeHart will lead the Department’s Arctic-related efforts, stepping into a position left vacant since 2017. FROM   HILDE-GUNN BYE "In a few years, people will look back at this summer and see it as an important pivot point, a turning point, with a more sustained and enduring attention by the United States to the Arctic region." Newly-appointed U.S. Coordinator for the Arctic region  James P. DeHart made the prediction during a telephonic press briefing Wednesday. Career diplomat DeHart expressed that the U.S. is determined to work with partners throughout the region, including the governments in the Arctic, local and indigenous communities, and the state of Alaska.  Our objectives for the region are that it be peaceful and an area of low tension, and that there be close cooperation among the nations of the Arctic. James DeHart, U.S. Coordinator for the Arctic region. "We

After a Rigged Election, Belarus Crushes Protests Amid an Information Blackout

By  Masha Gesse n August 12, 2020 Alexander Lukashenka is claiming his sixth term as President of Belarus, and his strongest opponent has fled the country, leading to a wave of unrest. Photograph Sergei Grits / AP The streets of Minsk and other Belarusian cities have been battlegrounds since Sunday evening, when authorities announced that eighty per cent of voters had chosen to reëlect Alexander Lukashenka, who has been President for twenty-six years. His electoral opponent, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, has fled the country. At least three thousand people have been arrested, one protester has died, and an unknown number have been injured. A lot is unknown, because authorities have tried to impose a blockade on information. On Sunday morning, as Belarusians started going to the polls, independent news sites vanished. Franak Viačorka, a thirty-two-year-old freelance journalist in Minsk, told me over the phone that a recently enacted law compels all Belarusian sites to be hosted on servers l