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Prashant Bhushan: How ‘Enemy Of The State’ Fought For The People

The contempt case in which Bhushan has been charged is the result of his long battle for judicial accountability. Sahasranshu Mahapatra Published:  21 Aug 2020, 4:43 PM IST Image of Prashant Bhushan used for representational purposes. | (Photo: Shruti Mathur / The Quint) Opinion At a time when lawyers are being fined by the Supreme Court for Public Interest Litigations on frivolous issues, senior advocate Prashant Bhushan has been continuing his crusade using this powerful instrument of law. However, Bhushan’s activism against corruption has earned more critics than fans in the power corridors. Bhushan, in his over three decade experience as a lawyer, has ruffled feathers – from the government to the judiciary. While the senior advocate stood his ground uncompromisingly against the quantum of punishment in a contempt case in the Supreme Court on Thursday, this is certainly not the first time that he has had a run-in with the higher judiciary. The present contempt case in which he has b

Herat's restored synagogues reveal Afghanistan's Jewish past

Locals back government efforts to preserve heritage sites in Herat - once a hub for a vibrant Jewish community. by  Ruchi Kumar 07 Feb 2020 GMT+3 Herat, Afghanistan -  The narrow road that leads to the Yu Aw synagogue in the ancient city of Herat in western  Afghanistan  is lined with traditional mud homes that, despite their rough exterior, are fine examples of centuries-old architectural dexterity. Ghulam Sakhi, the caretaker of some of the heritage sites, leads the way, taking short quick steps and pausing every so often to share an anecdote from the area's history. "This is why I wanted you to walk to the synagogue, so you can see the neighbourhood and how it has been changed since the war," he explained before starting the walk of a little over a kilometre between the old city centre - called Chahar Su, or Four Directions - and the synagogue, which was restored in 2009. About 350 years old, the Jewish place of worship is located near what used to be known as the Iraq

Afghanistan’s Last Jew Gets Ready for the Taliban—Again

Zabulon Simentov has seen it all, and now, like all Afghans, he must embrace a future filled with uncertainty and violence. BY   EMRAN FEROZ OCTOBER 29, 2019, 4:48 PM Zabulon Simentov recites from an old Torah scripture in the last synagogue in Kabul on April 1.  EMRAN FEROZ FOR FOREIGN POLICY Listen to this article KABUL—It’s Saturday, and Zabulon Simentov is sitting on a typical Afghan cushion in his small living room watching the news. When the anchor starts to talk about peace talks with the Taliban, Simentov shakes his head, muttering something incomprehensible. Normally, Simentov would offer tea to his guest, but not today. It’s Shabbat. For that reason, Simentov—who is believed to be Afghanistan’s last remaining Jew—must not use his old gas cooker. Of the switched-on television, Simentov says that someone else, a non-Jewish person, turned it on for him. Orthodox Jews would probably disagree with such a practice—observant Jews are not supposed to watch TV at all on Shabbat—but Si

Indian security agencies reveal details of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim`s passports

Manish Shukla Aug 22, 2020, 21:10 PM IST, Indian security agencies have revealed the details of various passports possessed by fugitive underworld don and 26/11 Mumbai serial blasts mastermind Dawood Ibrahim. NEW DELHI:  Indian security agencies have revealed the details of various passports possessed by fugitive underworld don and 26/11 Mumbai serial blasts mastermind Dawood Ibrahim.  According to the security agencies, the fugitive gangster, whose full name is Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar, holds several passports which mention different names and addresses in India, Pakistan, Dubai and Commonwealth of Dominica Advertising Here are details of the passports issued in the name of Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar K-560098 30-09-1975 MUMBAI M-110522 13-11-1978 MUMBAI P-537849 30-11-1979 MUMBAI R-841697 26-11-1981 MUMBAI V-57865 03-01-1983 MUMBAI A-333602 04-06-1985 MUMBAI A-501801 26-07 -1985 MUMBAI   A-717288 dt. 18.8.85 CGI, Dubai (in the name of Mohd Ismail Abdul Rehman Shaikh) F-823692 dt.02.09.89 at C

Primer on hypersonic weapons in the Indo-Pacific region

MON, AUG 17, 2020 Report   by   John T. Watts, Christian Trotti, and Mark J. Massa Related Experts:  John T. Watts,   Christian Trotti,   Mark J. Massa FORWARD  DEFENSE REPORT RELEASE DOWNLOAD PDF What are hypersonic weapons? Hypersonic weapons are an emerging military technology that could  dramatically alter the way the United States and its competitors, such as China and Russia, conduct war in the future . They are at the cutting edge of a new battle, as states seek to  harness  their offensive potential on the one hand, and  defend against  them on the other. Traveling at speeds ranging from  5 to 25 times the speed of sound , hypersonic missiles can strike targets more quickly and from farther distances than current defense postures are prepared for, thereby accelerating decision-making timelines and complicating strategic calculations. Despite this revolutionary potential, current literature on these weapons is relatively sparse. In this primer, the Atlantic Council’s  Forward  D

Stop Chinese ‘criminals’ making hay inside India

ABHIJIT BHATTACHARYYA The writer is an alumnus of the National Defence College, and the author of China in India. Published Aug 21, 2020, 5:20 pm IST Updated Aug 21, 2020, 5:20 pm IST New Delhi’s helplessness is bringing these Chinese criminals to justice confirms the CPC’s long-held view that India is intrinsically weak  Is the Indian system so corrupt that it will aid someone working directly against our national security interests? Representational Image Every passing day the Chinese underworld’s deep penetration of India seems to grow, and this country looks utterly incapable of doing anything about it. Whether individuals or companies, they all have the muscular backing of the Chinese Communist Party and its various secret arms and are confident that the long arm of Indian law can’t touch them.   India is, of course, not the only country where they are operating. But in some places and some countries, realisation is slowly dawning that these activities by Chinese state and non-sta