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What is Zoho's Arattai App? Learn more about India's first homegrown messenger app

Chennai-based SaaS, Zoho Corporation has come up with its own alternative to WhatsApp. What is Zoho's Arattai app? Is it better than WhatsApp? Written by Sanjana Kalyanpur Many people are looking to move away from WhatsApp. Unless you've been living under the rock, you'll know that WhatsApp recently announced its revision in the privacy policy that meant a more elaborate form of customer data sharing with Facebook. Ever since many existing messenger apps have found recognition. Among them is Signal, which is currently experiencing the best time by charting at the top in app stores around the world. However, many Indians are in a quandary with the Make-in-India movement still afresh in their minds. Lucky for them, India has found a homegrown alternative in time. Also Read -  WhatsApp's Clarification On Privacy Policy Fails To Convince; Netizens Poke Holes In Claim What is Zoho's Arattai app' Arattai, which is chit-chat for Tamil, is Zoho's reply to the curren

Parliamentary diplomacy: On Pak-Afghan trade and Chabahar

Opinion Mirza Salman Babar Baig January 18, 2021 National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser’s conduct of parliamentary diplomacy through the Parliamentary Friendship Group with Afghanistan presents an interesting case study. To put things into context, it is useful to first examine the malaise plaguing our trade engagement with Afghanistan. Trade and commerce with Afghanistan has been suffering for a number of years now. It’s peak at around $2.5 billion in 2011 has been reduced to a nice memory only. In 2019, the volume of trade had come down to around $800 million. In tandem, was the huge diversion of nearly 50 percent of Afghan Transit Trade through Pakistan to Iran in the same time period. Pakistan literally enabled Chabahar to flourish at the cost of Karachi ports. So, how did this dip in trade happen? The answer is rather simple. Afghan transit trade is inextricably linked to our bilateral trade. Whenever Afghanistan faces any issues vis-a-vis its transit trade, it puts up non-tariff b

Center for Advanced China Research: Weekly Report 4|11

Weekly Report 4|11 Center for Advanced China Research Weekly Report 4|11 1.9.2021-1.15.2021 David Gitter, Julia Bowie, Cady Deck, Brock Erdahl, Anna Scott Bell, and Ava Shen Highlights Sun Chunlan toured epidemic prevention and control efforts in Hebei Province following its Covid-19 outbreak (see Senior Leaders section). The Central Committee issued a “Rule of Law Construction Plan,” the first of its kind (see Senior Leaders section).  Senior Leaders Sun Chunlan in Hebei: Implement Prevention and Control Efforts with Haste, Quickly Stop the Spread of the Outbreak  People’s Daily 1.6-8  Politburo member and Vice Premier Sun Chunlan visited Hebei to inspect the prevention and containment efforts for the recent local coronavirus outbreak. The Hebei outbreak is concentrated in rural areas and among middle-aged to older individuals. However, it has spread quickly across multiple generations and neighborhoods, a worrisome development for the Party and central government. During her visit, S

Bill Bishop: Call for WHO to investigate US goes viral; US declares genocide and crimes against humanity in Xinjiang; end of the Trump Era in US-China relations

Call for WHO to investigate US goes viral; US declares genocide and crimes against humanity in Xinjiang; end of th… Call for WHO to investigate US goes viral; US declares genocide and crimes against humanity in Xinjiang; end of the Trump Era in US-China relations Bill Bishop Jan 19 Tomorrow is the end of the Trump Era in US-China relations, but the Xi Era in US-China relations will remain for the foreseeable future. US-China tensions rose during the four years of the Trump Administration, but the structural problems that existed long before January 20, 2017 have only intensified during the last four years. So while I expect the tone from the US side at least to soften, I do not expect any significant, substantive changes in the downward trajectory of the relationship. The New Era in US-China Relations will continue at least as long as the PRC is in the Xi Era. Xi and his officials see time and trends on their side, and they are saying it even more openly now with more regular utterance