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The 1970s Indian Economy: A Period of Growing Strains and the Nation's Fight Against Poverty

History Issues like war with Pakistan, drought and high population growth were heightened by international economic pressures during the decade. 4 hours ago | Arun Kumar         The year 1971 was marked with several big victories – in politics, cricket and in war – all of which had long term implications. The national mood was buoyant, even if the country continued to struggle with endemic problems. Fifty years later, we look back at those times and evoke some of that mood. In a series of articles over the next few days, writers will recall and analyse specific subjects and give a rounded view of a young, struggling but hopeful India. Fifty years ago, in 1971, there were two landmark events for India. The Bangladesh war and the quick victory achieved by the Indian forces. And, Indira Gandhi’s thumping victory in the general elections due to the evocative slogan of ‘ Garibi Hatao ’ which brought poverty alleviation to centre-stage in Indian politics. Undoubtedly, each of the decades sin

Disinformation in the name of the ‘fight against disinformation’

Disinformation in the name of the ‘fight against disinformation’ By   SADF  - 9 March, 2021 DOI: 10.48251/SADF.ISSN.2406-5625.PB.11 0 65  DOWNLOAD PDF SADF The case of ‘EU DisinfoLab’ Table of contents Abstract EU DisinfoLab: a disinformation tool The Disinfo Lab sprawl The Islamist hidden link Freedom of expression Modern disinformation strategies Recommendations References Correspondence   Keywords: Disinformation, disinfolab, google, twitter, islamist, iran, Benalla, US, Soros, crosscheck.     Abstract This policy brief comes in the wake of a vicious attack to SADF made by EU DisinfoLab, an attack we responded in a  letter this organisation agreed to publish  in its website where we protested the ‘unfounded accusations and false allegations contained in the publications in question – ironically originating from an association claiming to counter disinformation and to make deep investigations.’ The authors of this piece failed to quote even a single line from any