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We are winning against Maoists, but it doesn’t have to come at such high cost

April 11, 2021, 7:28 AM IST  Rahul Pandita  in  Voices ,  India , TOI FACEBOOK   TWITTER   LINKEDIN   EMAIL   Rahul Pandita Pandita is the author of Hello, Bastar: The Untold Story of India’s Maoist movement. The director-general of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) is of the opinion that the killing of 22 security personnel, including seven of his commandos, in a Maoist ambush last week is not an intelligence and operational failure. Perhaps he meant to say that in encounters with insurgent groups like the CPI (Maoist) such casualties are bound to happen. The problem begins here. It is not that soldiers do not die in gun battles. The problem, as many CRPF officers would tell you in anguish, is that they do not have to die so senselessly. That will only stop when we stop lying to ourselves and look at cold facts staring at us. Consider the Bijapur ambush in Chhattisgarh, laid so well by the Maoist guerrillas that the troops had no inkling of it till they found themselves surround


Old article by  B.RAMAN Till 1972, under the long-time Director of the USA’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) J. Edgar Hoover, only men could be FBI agents. After his death in May 1972, partly under the pressure of the equal rights laws, the FBI started recruiting women as Agents. The first two women agents of the FBI joined the FBI in July 1972 and underwent training in the FBI Academy along with men recruits. They and many other women who followed their example have since distinguished themselves as Agents of whom the FBI and the US can be proud . 2.The Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the Second World War precursor of the Central Intelligence agency (CIA),  had a few legendary women operatives. Well-known amongst them was Virginia Hall, who served behind Nazi lines in France. 3. Despite this, the CIA, which came into existence in 1947, inherited some of the prejudices of the FBI against women as secret Agents. There were many women who were recruited as administrative staff

How the urban eco-system of 'liberals' helped naxals become a Rs 2,500 crore network

By  Vicky Nanjappa Updated: Wed, Apr 7, 2021, 14:29 [IST]     New Delhi, Apr 08:  Naxalites have for years managed to procure sophisticated weapons have used them to battle security forces. In the recent attack at Chhattisgarh, 22 security personnel were martyred by by naxalites. Some 10-12 Naxals are also believed to have died in the fierce gunbattle that ensued. In the attack, bullets had rained from light machine guns (LMGs) and the Naxals also used low-intensity improvised explosive devices (IEDs) to mount the attack that continued for several hours. The manner in which the naxalites continue to procure sophisticated arms remains a concern. In 2018, a huge ammunition dump belonging to the naxalites was recovered by the security agencies in Jharkhand. As many as 10 303 rifles, a carbine and 13 other types of guns, detonators, 269 rounds of live bullets, a 12-kg improvised explosive device and Rs 3 lakh in cash was seized after the raid. Naxal who executed Sukma attack was trained by

China’s e-currency is the world’s first sovereign digital currency

JANUARY 13, 2021   BY: JOHN NINIA ’22 (CALS), EMI RESEARCH ASSISTANT Digital currencies are changing the way in which we send and receive money. Digital currency is changing the way economies and banks function. Currently,  80 percent of central banks around the world  are working on creating a digital currency and 90 percent of them are in emerging markets. China is one of these emerging markets and has been working on a sovereign digital currency since 2014. Their currency, Digital Currency Electronic Payment (DCEP), has been gaining momentum over time and is already being used to pay for transportation, education, and other goods and services across China. How DCEP works Once launched, an electronic wallet app will allow consumers to link their bank cards to spend or deposit DCEP, or digital yuan. Unlike competing payment platforms WeChat Pay and Alipay, which collectively dominate  more than 90 percent  of the e-commerce market, DCEP would  not require an internet connection . Paym

China Proposes Global Rules for Managing Sovereign Digital Currencies

 April 4, 2021 Posted by China Briefing Reading Time: 3   minutes China’s Central Bank has proposed the application of global standards for the coming influx of sovereign digital currencies at the 2021  Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Innovation Summit  held at the end of March. The outlined plan, titled ‘Global Sovereign Digital Currency Governance’ encompasses cross-border digital transactions, risk supervision, use and ownership of data, and other related financial and risk issues. Mu Changchun, a director of the Digital Currency Research Institute of the People’s Bank of China (PBOC), has stated that the bank aims to become the first major global central bank to issue a sovereign digital currency. It aims to propel the internationalization of the RMB and reduce dependence on the global Dollar system. The development of sovereign digital currencies will upgrade national financial systems, act as a counterweight to the use of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and improve glob

Pakistan settling outsiders in Gwadar to dilute Baloch influence

   Tue, Apr 06 2021 01:48:24 PM By Rahul Kumar New Delhi,  Apr 6 (IANS):  Pakistan has decided to turn its port city of Gwadar, the starting point of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), as the capital of 'southern Balochistan'. The deep move has several implications. The new administrative change will allow the government to change the demographic complexion of the region, by opening the gates for Pashtun settlers to enter the province, undermining the influence of the more militant ethnic Balochs. If everything goes to plan, the resulting "stability" in turn will secure the huge investments that are pouring in from China under CPEC. CPEC is the flagship of the Chinese President Xi Jinping's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Pakistani newspaper, The News International, quoted Gwadar Port Authority (GPA) Chairman Naseer Khan Kashani saying: "We have received a letter from the Government of Balochistan in this regard." The newspaper said: "Gwad

China assures Murad of inclusion of KCR, Keti Bandar projects in CPEC

TAHIR SIDDIQUI KARACHI: Chinese authorities have assured the Sindh government that they would pursue Karachi Circular Railway, Keti Bandar and other projects to officially include them in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)-related projects. This emerged on Tuesday in a meeting between Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah and a Chinese government delegation led by Beijing’s Ambassador in Pakistan Nong Rong. The other delegation members were Chinese Consul General Li Bijian, defence attaché Maj Gen Chen Wen Rong, consular Bao Zhong, deputy defence attaché Senior Col Ji Xinqi, Lt Col Di Weichao, first secretary Wang Xianfeng and third secretary Wu Linglin. Financing request for KCR The chief minister told the delegation that on the request of his government the KCR was included in CPEC on Dec 3, 2016. The project was approved and included in 6th Joint Coordination Committee (JCC). He added that the project was approved by Ecnec at a cost of $1.97 billion in Oct 2017. The CM says ce

INCOSE: MBSE for Aerospace and Space in India

INCOSE India Chapter is partnering with Aeronautical Society of India - Design Division, to host a Virtual Summit on 15th-16th April 2021 focused on MBSE for Aerospace and Space in India. Other industries are welcome too. The summit has talks by eminent personalities from industry India and abroad on the topic of model based systems engineering. Eminent personalities from Indian Defence and Space will speak on what are the new projects India will be developing in the next 10 years where MBSE can play a major role. You can visit the website for more details and registration. We invite the professionals, academicians and students to be a part of this interesting discussion.  For more details : For registration: For group registrations or any other queries, please write to Sincerely, INCOSE India Chapter Committee

On the Cutting Edge: U.S. Space Force 2021 Priorities

By   Editors  - January 20, 2021 245 The  U.S. Space Force , America’s newest branch of the military, has been busy creating a place for itself at the national defense table. Tasked to “provide freedom of operation for the United States in, from, and to space”, the service has been working to find its place among the existing structures at the Department of Defense. A major part of the niche that the service has begun to carve out for itself comes from its relationship with the U.S. Air Force. Before the U.S. Space Force was established, it was the U.S. Air Force that largely concerned itself with military operations that took place above the earth. It is likely the Space Force will  become the new operational entity  for missions that include satellites and other Overhead Intelligence Systems. As the Department of Defense, and the U.S. Air Force as well, look  to embrace modernization , it will be important to understand the new separation of duties. It is even more important to under

Saankhya Labs: A deep-tech startup that's slowly going places

PRATIK BHAKTA   OCT 07, 2020 04:18 PM IST From tracking trains to enabling defence communications, this little-known startup is poised to make the most of the 5G telecom revolution Perhaps it takes pure passion to imagine building a company in the semiconductor and wireless technologies space dominated by the likes of Intel, Qualcomm, Huawei. But it takes sheer madness to imagine building it in India. But then again, it's pure passion, grit and a little bit of crazy that serve to whip up a cocktail of success in the startup world. Meet Saankhya Labs, a startup based in India's tech hub, which builds software-defined radio access networks. Started in 2007 by hardcore engineering professionals Parag Naik, Vishwakumara Kayargadde and Hemant Mallapur, the startup boasts a list of 65 international patents. To compare, San Diego-based Qualcomm, which is valued around $135 billion and is the leader in chipset technologies world over, has more than a lakh patents. So it's been a lo