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India: State and Its Anxiety of Caste Census

Editorials Vol. 56, Issue No. 33, 14 Aug, 2021 Updated on 14 August 2021 Acknowledging the fact of caste through census reveals the truth of anxiety.   The idea of caste census by the colonial rulers had both constraining as well as enabling sight. It was constraining to the extent that it was designed to bring certain sections, such as sex workers, prisoners and patients suffering from contagious diseases, under the surveillance of the colonial administration. The enabling sight of the colonial census operation was discernible in particular respect to the Untouchable castes. Colonial census that used anthropological parameters to cover these castes not only brought their predicament in the national focus, but it also helped Untouchable leaders to approximate the social reality of untouchability at the national level. Put differently, through print and wireless media, the enumeration of caste census generated a pan-Indian social consciousness among the Untouchables. The central governm

Can the U.S. Military Strengthen Deterrence by Becoming More Operationally Unpredictable?

by  Miranda Priebe ,  Angela O'Mahony ,  Bryan Frederick ,  Alyssa Demus ,  Bonny Lin ,  Michelle Grisé ,  Derek Eaton ,  Abby Doll FULL DOCUMENT Format File Size Notes PDF file 0.1 MB Technical Details » RESEARCHBRIEF Key Findings Increasing Russian and Chinese perceptions of U.S. operational unpredictability to enhance deterrence might be possible but costly. The most promising approach would be to increase the range of U.S. capabilities and demonstrate that they give the United States multiple options for achieving its objectives. Activities and capabilities that contribute to operational unpredictability do not have to be hidden, and in some cases need to be public. There are risks and costs associated with increasing U.S. operational unpredictability, including the possibility of decreasing U.S. readiness or increasing China's and Russia's threat perceptions. The recent U.S. emphasis on strategic competition with China and Russia has renewed attention on how to dissuad

A world of teachers, a world of learners.

15 minute read For online education, 2020 has been a record-breaking year. From where we come from.A 2011-2019 retrospective. 2020: the second year of the MOOCs and the dawn of a new learning landscape. More than MOOCs: a world of teachers, a world of learners. Learning creator platforms:breaking down the model. MOOCs and creator platforms: meeting halfway and sharing common challenges. Corporate training and business coaching. Where do we go from here?What are the next opportunities? Yes, most of us can agree on this: 2020 may have been a shit year, yet not the worst ever. We have seen a lot of progress, incredible scientific advance (vaccine, vaccine, vaccine !!!), and  there have never been so many people around keen to learn something, everywhere. For online education, 2020 has been a record-breaking year. You have in mind the picture of students forced to study remotely.  But what about adults?  Stuck at home, with time on their hands (willing or not), millions of adults worldwide

Axios HQ: transforming an editorial format into a new business.

6 minute read New to Axios? Here what you need to know, in a nutshell. Smart brevity and newsletters. Axios App It is not new that some publishers, after having invested in developing their own editorial platforms and adTech tools,  have started a side business by licensing those solutions to other media companies or clients in other industries. For some of these companies – the most renowned names are always the same: The Washington Post and The New York Times -, their tech assets are as much valuable as their editorial talents. But you do not need to be owned by Jeff Bezos or Marc Benioff to be a tech-savvy publisher. For the  Schibsted Group , operating the most important newspapers and magazines in the Scandinavian region, technology is part of their reason why: they see themselves as a technology media company, with over  200 developers , a commercial arm to license their intellectual property, and a strategic arm investing in media tech startups. Less common is to monetise a publ

Who’s afraid of a caste census?

The most powerful and the most pampered minority in Indian society is composed largely of the upper castes. A caste census will make it visible. Written by  Satish Deshpande  | Updated: August 13, 2021 3:29:05 am The main reason for not counting caste has been political, and produced broadly similar responses from both the UPA and the NDA. (Illustration by C R Sasikumar) The now-familiar fuss around the question of counting caste in the national Census highlights something that the world is beginning to notice. The global  pandemic  of authoritarianism — more virulent though less widespread than the other pandemic we have struggled with — has overturned the popular maxim of the information age. Today, power is information, not the other way around; and the absence of information, too, is an effect of power. Gigantic data-gathering exercises like the Indian Census have always been controlled by those who count rather than those who are counted or those who do the counting. Controlling o

CHINA: Weekly Report 4|36 7.31.2021-8.6.2021

Weekly Report 4|36 7.31.2021-8.6.2021 David Gitter, Cady Deck, Brock Erdahl, Julie Huynh, Samuel Olson, Tyler Parsons, Anna Scott Bell, and Connor Swank Highlights Politburo Member and State Council Vice Premier Sun Chunlan (孙春兰) traveled to Nanjing, Jiangsu to investigate epidemic prevention work amid the city’s COVID-19 outbreak. (See Senior Leaders section) Xi Jinping presided over and gave a speech at a 30 July Politburo meeting on achieving the military centenary goal. (See Senior Leaders section) People’s Daily  featured a Commentator Article series on the United States’ efforts to investigate COVID-19’s origins, calling it “origin-tracing terrorism” (溯源恐怖主义). (See Propaganda Work section) Senior Leaders Sun Chunlan: Strictly and Tightly Implement All Prevention and Control Measures to Resolutely Contain the Spread of the Epidemic from Gaining Momentum Xinhua 7.29-8.1 Politburo Member and State Council Vice Premier Sun Chunlan (孙春兰) traveled to Nanjing, Jiangsu to investigate epi