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Innovation - An Indian Perspective

WHAT ROLE CAN INDIA PLAY IN THIS ERA OF INNOVATION? Source Interview with Arindam Banerjee India can play a role in using innovation to build large, successful multinational companies. To do so companies in India will have to dominate in one or two segments with products that are clearly identified as theirs. Interview by - Pradip Sinha, Associate Consultant, ICFAI Center for Management Research. Arindam Banerji Arindam Banerji is a scientist and entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley. He took the usual route of going from the IITs, through a PhD in the US, to finally working in Sundry Research Labs. Some day, he plans to return to India, but for now, as time permits, he writes on various geopolitical issues. What is innovation? How will you define it? Innovation can be defined in many ways, but I have a very different view on innovation as a whole. To me... Innovation is more than just a great idea, it is the entire process that makes an idea, big or small, com

How Narendra Modi Transformed From an RSS Pracharak to a Full-Fledged Politician and Hindu Hridaysamrat

A new book shows Modi as being always sharply focused on his ultimate goal of pursuing power. Aug 24, 2021 | Christophe Jaffrelot         A young Narendra Modi at an RSS event. Photo: Excerpted from Christophe Jaffrelot’s book  Modi’s India: Hindu Nationalism and The Rise of Ethnic Democracy , published by Hurst,  with the author’s permission. Narendra Damodardas Modi was born on September 17, 1950, in a small town in northern Gujarat, Vadnagar (Mehsana District). He belongs to the Ghanchi caste, which produces and sells cooking oil, a caste that has been classified as part of the OBCs since the late 1990s. His father traded oil and ran a tea shop, where Narendra, as he has narrated, served customers as a child. He joined the local branch of the RSS at the age of eight, as it was the only extracurricular activity in town. According to the biography penned by M.V. Kamath and K. Randeri, he aspired to renunciation very early on. Ascetic vocations are not rare in the RSS.

Indian doctor in Sweden is a prominent frontline warrior against Covid fake news

Ishani Duttagupta | TIMESOFINDIA.COM  |  Aug 26, 2021, 09:43 IST Dr Netha Hussain (Photo credit: Adam Novak, Wikimedia Commons) She’s a doctor, a clinical neuroscientist, and a researcher. But Dr  Netha Hussain , who moved to the  University of Gothenburg  in Sweden for a PhD in clinical neuroscience after studying medicine at the  Government Medical College ,  Kozhikode , has also been fighting a tireless war against misinformation and fake news about Covid-19.  She has written several articles related to the medical aspects and socio-economic impact of the pandemic on Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world, and was recognised for her efforts by the  United Nations  in July last year. She is, in fact, an active contributor on Wikipedia and sister projects in English and Malayalam for a decade on topics related to medicine, healthcare, and women’s biographies. As a medical professional, Hussain is a member of the editorial board of  WikiJo

Disinformation: Algorithmic angst

-- Oxford Analytica, Weekly Newsletter  Faced with an increasingly well-resourced and sophisticated effort by some state actors to spread disinformation, social media companies are under growing scrutiny and pressure to get a grip on the problem.  Because of the huge volume of posts that need to be checked, reliance on technology—specifically, algorithmic filters—is inevitable. In the last few years, these tools have become better at spotting disinformation. The Fake News Challenge, which pits artificial intelligence (AI) models against each other to detect disinformation, has seen accuracy increase from around 82% in 2017 to 88% in 2019.  Yet while the models are good at spotting fake facts, they struggle with allegations that require nuanced contextualisation. And although the technology is improving all the time, in some cases this can assist the spreader of disinformation as much as the entity trying to stop it. Language prediction models such as GPT-3 are becoming effective at su

Iran/Israel: Known tit-for-tat maritime attacks

Tuesday, August 17, 2021 Source: Oxford Analytica

Afghanistan, Again, Becomes a Cradle for Jihadism—and Al Qaeda

The terrorist group has outlasted the trillion-dollar U.S. investment in Afghanistan since 9/11. By  Robin Wrigh t August 23, 2021 The Taliban takeover is the biggest boost to Al Qaeda since September 11th and a global game changer for jihadism, one analyst said. Photograph by Rahmat Gul / AP In March, I travelled to  Afghanistan and the Middle East with General Kenneth (Frank) McKenzie, Jr., the Alabama-born marine who heads Central Command. He has been overseeing the frantic  evacuation  out of Kabul. During one of several interviews aboard his plane, I asked him, “Do you really think, given the intermarriage, the interweaving of the Taliban and Al Qaeda, that the Taliban is really ever going to be able or willing to restrain Al Qaeda from doing anything against us?” By then, the Taliban  held roughly half of Afghanistan , a country about the size of Texas. McKenzie was chillingly candid. “I think it will be very hard for the Taliban to act against Al Qaeda, to actually limit their a

CHINA: Party watch Weekly Report 4|38 8.14.2021-8.20.2021

David Gitter, Cady Deck, Brock Erdahl, Julie Huynh, Samuel Olson, Tyler Parsons, Anna Scott Bell, and Connor Swank Highlights Xi Jinping convened and presided  over the tenth meeting of the Central Financial and Economic Affairs Commission. (see Senior Leaders section) Politburo Standing Committee Member Wang Yang (汪 洋) gave a speech a speech in Lhasa commemorating the 70th anniversary of Tibet’s “peaceful liberation.” (see Senior Leaders section) The United Front Work Department (UFWD) issued an Opinion on “Deeply Advancing the Innovative Development of the Guangcai Program (彩事业创) in the New Era,” bolstering an initiative that engages the non-state sector in poverty alleviation work. (see United Front Work section) Senior Leaders Guo Shengkun: Highlight the Exemplary Role of Political Construction in Establishing Rules and Regulations, Promote the Second Round of Political and Legal Team Education and Rectification to Achieve Concrete Results Xinhua 8.16 At the second political and le